Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Furniture for the Nursery and 26 Week Belly Pics!

We have received the final pieces of furniture for the baby's nursery! We were waiting on the changing table to be shipped from overstock, along with a little white night stand that I had shipped site-to-store at Walmart. I was so excited to get them and I had already prepared myself to be patient and give my husband time to put them together without too much harrassment (I have a tendancy to get very excited and impatient over these sort of things) ... but bless his heart he put both of them together the day they arrived! He really does love me.

Below is the changing table. It is actually even better then I had expected. The drawers are made of a canvas material and simply slide in and out. The clothing hamper to the left is HUGE and will hold alot of clothes which was a very pleasant surprise. It seems very sturdy and well made.

Here comes Daisy to check out the baby's room. You can see the new little night stand I have set up next to the glider.

Now if only the bedding would come in! It is suppsed to arrive at their store (or warehouse or whatever) late May, early June, and then should take a few days for them to ship it and arrive to our home. Basically any day between now and the next few weeks it could show up. I am very anxious for it to get here, as we are waiting to see the colors to pick out paint for the walls.

Last night I realized I hadn't taken a belly picture in way too long... and it has definitely grown! Today I am 26 weeks!

I also got the results back from my 1 hour glucose test and unfortunately... I failed. Now I have to do a three hour test. Everything could be totally fine, but since I failed the first test I have to do this one now. I am going next Tuesday and I am really not looking forward to it. I can't eat for 8 hours prior and then have to sit through the three hour test. I am really hoping the results come back better from this test though. My sister was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during her pregnancy and I really hope to not have to go through that.

Other then that, I am still hanging in there and doing pretty good. My acid reflux still gets pretty bad sometimes even with the new meds the doc gave me that have been helping alot. The weather hasn't been too bad lately, so I have been fairly comfortable... but there is some heat on the way according to the forecast... I will probably be staying indoors most of the time. I can already see I am going to be a big baby about being pregnant during the hot summer months. I am going to try to be a good sport though... I really am!


Littlet T said...

I think there is a dramatic difference in belly size when you pull your shirt up. Pretty soon you will be able to make out little hands and feet:-)

Anrazel said...

That baby girl sure is growing! I love the furniture and can't wait to see the room all put together. Come on bedding!!!

Jillian said...

You look great and I love all of your furniture!! I am with you about the heat of summer, it is miserable when pregnant!!

Gina said...

HOLY BELLY!!!! Your belly is huge like mine was! If I didn't know that was Baby Girl A in there, I'd swear that was a boy!! You look so cute. The furniture is so pretty. It's so similar to L's, but girly like it should be. :)

Brittany Ann said...

Look at your belly! How adorable! I love it! (And I love that blue on you!)

Those canvas drawers on the changing table are amazing. I kind of want one for myself! Do they make them for adults?

Antony said...

Sorry to hear about that horrible acid reflux laura.
I know how painful that can be

Anrazel said...

You added another picture! You look so beautiful holding that baby in there! Blue is so your color and you are just glowing. Absolutely gorgeous!