Thursday, May 7, 2009

Belly and Party Pics!

I am finally posting the pic I took LAST friday of me at 22 weeks (tomorrow I am at 23 weeks).

My sister and her hubby J had a Cinco Party in their driveway. It was alot of fun! They had all kinds of yummy Mexican food out. The only problem was that the food was so salty, it has made me swell up, and it still hasn't gone down. That, on top of the recent humidity, has given me cankles. Yep, I have cankles. Damnit.

My adorable neice

My sister E with her youngest daughter

Hanging out under the tent

Me and my sisters (my sis on the far left is preggo too!)

Thats all I have for now... Tomorrow is Friday... Yay!!


Brittany Ann said...

You have such a pretty belly. Is that weird? Whatever. I think pregnant women should know when they have pretty baby bellies. And you've got one, sister!

Myshka said...

You're all so cute. And you- my goodness, your face is a map of joy, look at you sparkle! Me, I'm at 4 months, so not having cankles yet, but then again, I live in a country that has 60-degree summer days. Yeah, lucky me. I prefer humidity and cankles, to be frank.

Badass Geek said...

Both of my sisters are pregnant now, too! Its interesting to hear them compare experiences.

Anrazel said...

You look fabulous! Little baby girl is growing nicely in there. Did you get your hair done? I love it! The one great thing about being pregnant in the summer is your feet can get as big as they want because you can always wear flip flops!

Jillian said...

Well that is so exciting that you are both pregnant at the same time!! Cinco de Mayo parties are so much fun!! We had one in our neighborhood and it was a blast!!

Gina said...

Such cute photos! You look so good!!!