Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Garage Sales, Baby Registering, and an Anniversary Make for a Busy Weekend!

Things have been busy!

I have been wanting to post, but it seems there is always something else to do. I need to catch up on everyone else too, so hopefully I will be able to do that today.

I finally finished cleaning and organizing my basement. You have no idea what a relief this is. Back in December our sump pump broke and our basement flooded. It was a huge mess! Right away Joe got everything cleaned up, mopped the floor with bleach water and wiped everything down that had gotten wet. Luckily most stuff was up off the floor or in some type of plastic container. A few things were ruined, but nothing really important. What was left, however, was a huge mess of boxes and containers that had been moved around to clean the floor and thrown where ever to get the water all dried up. The stack of new plastic tubs for organizing have been sitting there for almost 5 months, just waiting for me to fill them up with the mess of displaced items. So I marked off Thursday and Friday on my calendar and worked diligently until I was finished Friday night. Whew! I can finally check that off my list.

I also had a big new pile of items of things to sell on Craigslist. That's always fun! As of now, I have made $40 and still have some things in the works. Ofcourse, as of now, I have already spent that money too.

Saturday morning the hubs and I got up bright and early to hit the garage sales. My gal Toni met us about 6:30am. We all shoved down some McD's breakfast and left to meet my sis & her husband. The sales started at 7:00am and we were ready to go!

I love going to garage sales.

Especially when the whole neighborhood is in on it and you can just park your car and move from house to house. Garage sales are the epiphany of the old saying "One man's trash is another man's treasure". It seemed like there were less houses involved this year, but we still found some great deals. I was really hoping to find a little white bench for the nursery, but my hopes weren't too high for that. Would you believe it... one of the first houses we went to had a little white bench there with 3 cubby holes underneath to hold baskets! I gave the lady my $20 and Joe loaded it up in the car. Yay!! We also found an infant-to-toddler bath tub (the exact one I wanted - looked almost new), a diaper champ (pretty much brand new), some pregnancy and parenting books, and ofcourse Joe couldn't resist the little Mizzou onesies. I even found some maternity clothes and when I got home and tried them on, they all fit! Everyone else had given up long before us and headed home, but we hung in there, and I'd say it was a pretty successful morning.

After that, me and Joe went home and took a two hour nap. We were exhausted!

After we awoke, grabbed some lunch, and met up with someone from Craigslist who was buying a receiver from me, we headed to the mall to do some shopping and start our registry at Babies r Us. This was almost as exhausting as the garage sales. It was so overwhelming walking around and trying to figure out everything we needed. I kept having to stop and rest in the gliders. I was pooped. We finally decided to concentrate on the bigger items that we really wanted to see and touch in person, like the bedding and the stroller. The rest I could look at online and pick things out with the help of reviews from other parents.

Just because I am having a girl, does that mean her nursery has to be filled to the brim with everything pink or purple and covered in flowers? I was pretty frustrated with our choices of bedding. We finally settled on a pattern that seemed a little less frilly then the rest. But I certainly wasn't excited about it.

We left the store, stopped by my parents house, grabbed some dinner and finally head home. Once we got back to the house, my feet were swollen and I was so worn out, I didn't do much the rest of the night. Pregnancy is exhausting. And I am not even in my third trimester yet!

Sunday was our 1 year wedding anniversary!!

We had decided not to do much, other then have some dinner out and just hang out together. I went to a friend's baby shower in the afternoon, but after that we wanted to just relax and enjoy each other's company. We went out to dinner and then came back home with a movie. I went to get our wedding cake top out of the freezer and realized I probably should have done this much earlier. After unwrapping the cake from the layers of saran wrap and foil, which had been also vacuum sealed, I laid the cake layer on a plate. It was as hard as a rock and weighed twice as much. Right before we went to bed, we were able to cut off part of the edge and managed to get one bite each out of it. It wasn't that bad at all! I was amazed. I doubt we will be eating the rest though. There is something very unappetizing about a year old piece of cake. But keeping to the tradition did have its charms.

We didn't do anything fancy or exchange lavish gifts, but our anniversary was very meaningful none the less. Its hard to ever forget how much I love my husband and how much he means to me. He keeps me grounded, he makes me laugh, and most importantly he makes me happier then I ever thought I could be. I always know how much I am loved and how important I am to him. I really am very lucky.

Seeing him get so excited about our baby and watching the love for her already start to grow has made me love him even more. I can't wait to see him as a father.

Alright... enough mushy stuff!

I spent part of Saturday night and off-and-on Sunday searching on line for nursery bedding. I just couldn't settle on the foo-foo pink stuff we picked out at the store. I finally came across a bedding set that I absolutely loved! We weren't going to be able to register it, but I figured there was no way we were going to receive gifts for everything we needed anyway. It was just what I was looking for. And there was no pink anywhere!

For the record, I do not have a vendetta against pink (or flowers for that matter). I just don't think the entire nursery has to be completely covered in pink just to represent a room for a baby girl. It's a personal preference.

So I ordered it! I went ahead and ordered every accessory too. I'd rather be able to return something I don't need then not be able to order it later. Not only was it exactly what I wanted, but it was considerably cheaper then the original one I had registered for. Here it is:

We were already planning on painting a tree on the wall, so I even ordered the little wall appliques to put all around the tree just like in the picture. Our furniture is white, so I think the bedding will look even better on white. I can't wait until it arrives so we can figure out our paint colors and get to work!

Geez I am such a "new mom".

Okay... I could go on and on... but I better stop, this is already getting to be way too long. If you are still reading thanks for hanging in there and I am going to work on getting caught up on everyone else's blogs now.

Happy Tuesday!


Brittany Ann said...

I love that bedding. So perfect! I like pink, but you're right. You can be girly sans pink, and I think that bedding is perfect. Happy One-YEar Anniversary!

Littlet T said...
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Jillian said...

I am with you about the pink and I can't wait to see how the nursery turns out! Happy late anniversary!!

Gina said...

The nursery is going to be adorable...the tree appliques are my favorite part. And...if you EVER want to go garage saling again, CALL ME!!! I have been wanting to go but it's so much more fun when you are with someone! There are lots of neighborhood garage sales this weekend again....you know you want to...I'll pick you up.... :)

Anrazel said...

Yay baby stuff! Happy Anniversary too :)

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

Happy anniversary and OH MY GOD I love the bed set!! Registering is really overwhelming, but fun isn't it?

Sarah said...

Very cute. The tree is almost just how I had pictured!

Is it Cocalo? It looks like it. Goo's is Cocalo and it has worn really well and held up well with all the washes. So, along with being so cute, you should also end up being happy with it's performance as well.