Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lets Go Camping!! (oh and a Tag! Your It!)

I am so excited for this holiday weekend. I have taken off work Friday and we are leaving in the morning to go camping!

I have never been camping while pregnant before, so this should be interesting. I absolutely love camping, but I have to admit, I haven't been sober for a whole camping trip since I was about 15. I know I will still have fun, but I am pretty sure I am going to be wishing I could have a little alcohol too. I am also a little concerned about the sleeping situation (and I am definitely bringing the Beast along!). Its going to be rough leaving the tent a gazillion times to pee. I have been seriously considering picking up one of those portable toilets at Walmart. Ya know, one of these:
Then I could get a little mini tent for it and put it right next to our main tent. Too bad they are $100 +, other wise I would get one fo sho. But then again if I did, everyone else would want to use it too and that would just be really gross. But then I would sound like a bitch when I told everyone else they couldn't use it. And I would get stuck cleaning it all by myself. Having to deal with my own waste is one thing, but other peoples? Yuck. So its probably better that I don't. Oh well.

Alcohol free and unrelenting bladder aside, I am really looking forward to getting outdoors and enjoying some nature. We will be camping next to a beautiful 25 acre lake. There are hiking trails around the lake and they keep up with the grounds very nicely. The park is run by the state, but the campground is in the middle of nowhere, in a tiny little town of about 420 residents and there are only about 14 camping sites total and hardly any one else ever camps there. There will be other people there this weekend, but mainly because its a holiday weekend and most likely the majority of the campers will be from the local town. There are no amenities here, no electricity, no running water, no showers. There is a bathroom, but the toilets don't flush, just a deep, dark hole. For me, this is the only way to camp. Otherwise what is the point? (Now having a big fancy RV to travel the county and see the sites is a totally different story - thats okay in my book.)

My sisters and I have been camping with our families since we were babies and we love it! We have been camping at this particular place since I was about 16. My sister Amy and I worked at McDonalds for years while we were in highschool and we became pretty close with some of the other kids that worked there. One guy's dad used to take him camping at this place when he was a kid and he started taking all of us. We camped there alot for a few years with all of our McDonalds buddies and other friends. We don't hang out with that crew much anymore, but we still go camping there and now take our husbands and other friends. Its a bit of a drive for a weekend camping trip (4 hours), but its worth it to have all of the privacy and beauty that this place offers. You really feel like you are out in nature and you don't have other campers you don't know camping 10 feet from you (like all of the places that are closer to home).

So wish my pregnant ass some luck... hopefully I will still be able to have lots of fun! Luckily Amy is pregnant too, so I won't be totally alone. That will definitely help to have a partner in crime. I will report back next week on all of our adventures and some pictures!

In the meantime... I've been tagged!

Bridget, over at Living in the Moment, has tagged me for a game of Tag! I'm it! Here's the rules:

Rule A. Mention the person who nominated you.
Rule B. List six unimportant things that make you happy.

I think I can handle that. Here goes... you've paid for the whole seat, but you'll only need the edge! Woo Hoo! (okay I might be a little excited that in a couple of hours I am off work for a 4 day weekend!!!) And on a side note, I think that saying "unimportant things that make you happy", is a little contradictory. If it makes me happy, I consider it to be pretty important.

1. Flip-Flops or Sandals. As soon as the weather gets warm enough, I rarely have anything else on my feet. One good thing about being pregnant during the summer is, atleast I can put my fat, swollen feet in some flip-flops.

2. Maternity Underwear. I seriously thought it was ridiculous to buy special underwear just because you were pregnant. And they looked so big - like Granny Panties! But then my little thongs started digging into my belly in the front right underneath my baby bump and I thought I would try out a pair. I haven't gone back since, and I have purchased enough to survive not doing laundry for 2 weeks.

3. Sleeping with the windows open.
There is something really special to me about being able to sleep with the windows open. It only happens for two short periods of time, in the spring and in the fall, but when it does I seem to sleep so much better.

4. Twix Candy Bars. Mmmmm.

5. My new Pineapple Cutter. Seriously, this thing is amazing. I can have a fresh pineapple cut up and ready to serve, along with an in tact shell that could be used for a drink holder or to serve the fruit in, and all in less then a minute. I love having fresh pineapple, but always hated cutting them up. Now that I have this hand dandy contraption, we have alot more fresh pineapple around the house.
6. Resale Shops. I love shopping second hand. I really like coming across random resale shops in other towns and checking out what they got. I am a sucker for a good bargain.

Now I guess I am supposed to tag other readers. Well I am going to tag Everyone! I am running out of time and have to finish up some things at work before I can leave for my weekend get-a-way, so tagging everyone will have to suffice. Besides, its fun and I know everyone wants to do it!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I look forward to catching up with everyone when I return from our camping trip!


Jillian said...

Have fun camping!! I love to camp but there is NO way I would camp right now at 35 weeks!! I get up like every 20 minutes to pee and I have a hard time getting out of bed let alone a sleeping bag:) But I am way jealous of all fun you will have!!

Brittany Ann said...

Um...I think I need that pineapple corer! That's awesome!

Anrazel said...

You will have a great time camping! I went last year when Nikki and I were both pregnant and it was fun having someone else sober with me. If there are any snorers in your group pick up some ear plugs. Since every one was drunk we had a large group of snorers and it was the only way I slept!
The maternity underwear seriously rock. I literally just talked myself into putting them away like 2 weeks ago!

Badass Geek said...

Camping. I love it, and wish I was going camping this weekend, too.

Have fun!

Maggie May said...

ooo i'm nervous for you! your a goer, aren't you. i don't know about camping while so pregnant, i think i'd be too chicken to be uncomfortable! let us know how it goes :)

Gina said...'s this for a confession...I STILL wear my maternity underwear when I am low on laundry! They are just super stretchy, not huge, so there's no reason not to wear them! Hope you guys had fun. When you have a kid-friendly trip, we will come...I promise!