Friday, January 28, 2011

Where have I been, you ask? Well, let me tell you....

I have been neglecting my blog terribly! Whats new right? But this last dry spell has been worse then usual. I have been so busy lately and blogging just hasn't been in the cards.

So what has been keeping me away from blogging.... food! It's official, I am now becoming an extreme real foodie. The more I learn, the more I want to learn and its been keeping me in the kitchen from the time the munchkin goes to bed to the wee hours of the night. I spend all of my free time researching food and nutrition, then testing recipes and I have been so engrossed in it. It has become my passion and I really have been learning alot!

Last night I made brownies with coconut flour and cookies with coconut oil and almond flour (Gina these are gluten and dairy free!). I also made crackers with almond flour and fresh grated cheddar cheese. All were fantastic and I can't wait to share them at the bachelorette party I am going to on Saturday. I hope to start incorporating things into my blog more along with the recipes so anyone can try them if they are interested. The most exciting part of this week though... I made my own whey and cream cheese from yogurt, then used the whey to make my own mayo and then some of the mayo to make my own ranch dressing. All soy free! Yay!!!!!

I also wanted to share that I made it! On my journey to become more healthy and to keep my family more healthy, I have reached my goal and am now back down to my favorite healthy weight. It was a fabulous journey and I came out on the other end not only thinner, but much more educated about what is good for my body and what will help me to live a longer more healthy life. My very most favorite part of all, is that I now know how to feed my daughter to get her off to a healthy start in life and to give her a good base for her future!

In my search for info on cod liver oil, I came across this giveaway. I am sharing to enter a chance in the drawing. But you don't have to check it out... it just gives me a better chance to win if you don't. Ha!

Green Pastures Giveaway

The munchkin has been growing like a weed! She is such a big girl now! I will post some pics soon, but in the meantime friend me on facebook (if I know you through blogging already) and check out the latest pics there...

Laura's facebook

I miss my bloggy friends and will be checking in on you today to see whats going on. I started back up on twitter, but even that is hard for me to stick with. I have a very small stack of work to do today and I am going to take advantage of the extra free time to see what is going on with everyone. I am not promising anything, because I don't want to be a liar... but I am hoping to be back on blogger much more now. I have so much to catch up... and a ton I want to share!