Monday, June 29, 2009

"Sanctuary, on a personal level, is where we perform the job of taking care of our soul.” ~ Christopher Forrest McDowell

Putting together the nursery was so much fun. We worked nonstop all weekend and by Sunday, every part of my body was aching and sore. My feet were in so much pain, I had a hard time walking. My calves burned from going up and down the step stool so many times. But I loved every minute of it, and it was all worth it. So without further ado, here are the pictures of the (nearly) complete nursery.

Here are the little wooden birds and bird house I painted.

The walls are finished.

The first tree is up.

Wings for the birds.

Here is the second tree.

Adding butterflies, flowers and birds...

Hanging Pictures...

Putting the furniture in place...

It's all coming together!

I still need more things for the shelves...

Look at the little hooks for coats with the little sweater hanging on it... It's so tiny!

A spot for rocking, feeding and reading...

A home for the birds.

Now we just need the baby! I can't wait!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Nursery is almost done!

We have been working on the nursery all weekend. I have been taking pics of the process and I am so very excited about how it's turning out. I can't wait to post all of the pictures, but I wanted to wait until it was completely finished before I did. In the meantime, I will give you a little teaser. Here's a little wooden bird I painted and put in the tree on the wall.

Joe is painting some shelves, which will take another day or so to complete. I am waiting for those to go up to do some final touches. I should have all the photos up by Tuesday or Wednesday. I can't wait to share them, everything turned out even better then I had hoped!

I would like give out a huge THANK YOU to Toni for helping us paint. She came over Friday night and painted all the trim. Joe hates doing the trim. Usually I do it, but I am pregnant, so Toni filled in for me. There is no way we would have finished painting the walls Friday if she hadn't helped. And the walls wouldn't have been dry enough for me to paint the tree and everything else on Saturday without her assistance. Thank you so much Toni... you are the best!

Have I mentioned before how much I appreciate Craigslist and the money I have been able to save on it? I found the mini co-sleeper that I had registered for (priced at $140) on Craigslist for $40. I met the seller at QT and the co-sleeper is in perfect condition. You can't even tell it's used! We saved ourselves $100!

This is what the little munchkin will sleep in at first right next to our bed. I will be breastfeeding, so this should make things much easier. She will be able to sleep with us, as close as possible, without actually being in the bed with us.

I hope everyone had a great weekend... I can't wait to show you the rest of the nursery!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Celebrating Joe's Birthday and Father's Day!

What a great weekend!

Friday night, I cleaned the house while Joe cleaned out our garage. For the first time ever, since we moved into our house 3 years ago, every area of our home is cleaned and organized, including the basement and garage! I have been cleaning out closets and cabinets, drawers and anything else I can find that needs some help. I am definitely nesting. For some reason, I have this feeling that the house is going to be a mess for a while, once the little munchkin arrives, so I have been trying really hard to get everything cleaned and organized before-hand, in hopes that might hold us over for a while. Plus it just makes me feel better... like I am a little more prepared or something.

Still no baby bedding though... it's going on 7 weeks since I placed the order! It said it would take a maximum of 8 weeks, so hopefully it won't go any longer then that. We are waiting on the bedding to do everything else, and we really want to start painting!

Saturday Joe mowed the lawn and did some other stuff outside while I finished up some things inside. Some laundry to do, and some food to make. We had dinner reservations at Kitaro, our local hibachi grill and sushi joint, and then we were having some friends back at our house for dessert and drinks.

Here's the view from our hibachi table looking over at my sisters and their husbands and Michele.

And here we are... all starving waiting for our food! On the far left is Katie and Randyn (Randyn's new lady, who I have gotten to know and who is adorable!), then Jon, then Toni and ofcourse me and Joe, the cute birthday boy. Joe's good friend Justin and his wife, Kim (on the far right) are pregnant as well. Kim is about 2.5 months ahead of me. She is due any day! But she loves Kitaro... so they couldn't pass it up.

Me and my girl Toni... I love this lady!

Toni, my fellow sushi fanatic, and I only ordered sushi for dinner. And we got a ton! I didn't regret my decision one bit. I think I could eat sushi every day and be completely fine with that. I look forward to my beloved tuna rolls once I am no longer pregnant. I don't order anything with raw fish in it right now. It's still delicious, but I definitely miss my favorite rolls, which include tuna and salmon. Joe went crazy for his birthday... and I'm glad since we don't eat out much anymore. He ordered the hibach meal with the New York strip steak. This comes with soup, salad, shrimp, rice, noodles, veggies and steak. And ofcourse, he ordered a spicy yellowtail tuna roll just to make me jealous. And no, he was not able to eat all of his food. No one really could... those hibachi meals are way too much.

After dinner, we went back to our house. Here's a pic of me and Kim's bellies. Kim is such a shorty and her belly has dropped, so mine could pretty much sit right on top of hers.

Here's me and my sis Amy! She is really starting to look pregnant now (she's about 7 weeks behind me). Yay!

I really wish I had taken a picture of the cake Amy made for Joe's birthday. It was so good and so HUGE! It had 3 different sections... all the same insides but different choices of topping. She had asked Joe ahead of time and he picked them out. We had butterfinger, Rolos or Heath to choose from. It was so delicious... and dangerous... I had one small piece, but it wasn't easy!

We had 3 pregnant girls at dinner and then a 4th one joined us back at our house. I felt bad for Toni... for a while at my house she was the only non-pregnant woman there. How often does that happen? Luckily more girls showed up and she was no longer alone.

We had a good time though, and Joe was given some pretty cool stuff for his birthday. He got a gift certificate for a round of golf and a cart at one of his favorite courses, a hedge trimmer (he has been wanting one of these forever), and a bottle of Crown Royal. He was pretty excited about it all.

Sunday morning, I gave Joe his first father's day present from our baby. Amy found this poem online, we changed the words around to fit the father-to-be's favorite sports teams and I put them together with the baby's pictures and a cute little design and then we put them in frames. Here's the one I made for Joe. I think he liked it.

In the afternoon, we went over to my parent's house for a bbq to celebrate father's day. It was a full house! My parents, along with my mom's parents and her brother and his family were there, us three sister's and our families, and Amy's husband even brought along his dad, sister and niece, as they were in town from Indiana. It was crazy, but alot of fun.

So we had a great Father's day. I can't wait till next year, when all the little kids are running (or crawling) around. I am really excited to see Joe as a father. I know he is going to be amazing.

I hope everyone else had a great Father's day!

Update: A few minutes after I posted this blog... my husband called and Kim is in the hospital. She had a doctor's appointment today and they decided to go ahead and induce her! Yay!! So we will probably be heading up to the hospital tonight to see them and hopefully meeting their new baby girl!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Presents, Dirty Toilets and Mushy brains.

I love buying gifts for people. I absolutely love shopping for someone and finding that perfect gift and watching them open it. I have so much fun and I pride myself in being good at tracking down a great gift that they will just love (and if anyone disagrees, no need to burst my bubble). This is especially true when it's for someone very close to me, like a family member or good friend or especially my husband. No matter who it's for though, I really enjoy shopping for gifts. But with the baby coming, and Joe's pay structure being changed around.... shopping for presents has lost some of it's luster. With our new slim and trim budget, and every dollar being delegated for bills, food, gas and other essentials, there's just no money left. It's downright frustrating. And it seems, that lately, there has been some sort of present purchasing opportunity around every corner. Now with father's day this weekend and Joe's birthday next week... well it's really starting to bum me out.

I know that you can make things for really cheap, but that's just not as easy to do for a guy... they aren't as sentimental about handmade things. It just doesn't work that well.

I am also aware that I am lucky considering we even have money right now for most of the things we need, and believe me, I really am very grateful for that. But still... I really wish I could give my hubby a birthday present that he loved, something that he really wants (and I have a long list of ideas ofcourse). With everything going on with his work, and me slacking in the "best wife ever" category... he deserves it! I know times are hard for everyone, and that Joe (or my dad) doesn't really care if I get them a present or not.

I did plan a little party for him, which I am excited about. Saturday night, we have reservations for dinner at our local hibachi grill for a group of 17 of us and then some more friends are joining us back at our house for dessert and drinks. My sister is making her "Holy Cow Cake", which is an event in itself. It will be good for us to relax and have a good time. I am mostly looking forward to Joe having some fun and getting to hang out with all of his friends.

This will also force me to get the house clean, which it is in desperate need of. I am normally on top of things when it comes to the house, but the further along I get in this pregnancy and the bigger I get (funny how that works), and the more difficult it gets for me to do hard core cleaning. I have no problem keeping stuff picked up and things in their place, but when it comes to scrubbing toilets and other duties of that nature, I have been slacking. And well, it's pretty obvious right now. There is no way I can have everyone over and not do something about it, so over the course of the next few evenings, I am on a mission.

Yesterday, after I got home from work and my OB appt, I was changing from my regular bra into my sports bra and I happen to catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Besides the usual shock at the immense new size of my breasts, I also caught something else. There was, what looked like, a new giant-sized mole on the bottom of my boob. I got closer to the mirror to inspect this strange new growth. What the hell was it?! I reached down to touch it and it flaked off into my hand. Upon closer inspection, I realized it was a sun-dried tomato! For lunch that day, I had a chicken linguini with cream sauce and sun-dried tomatoes. Aparantly, one of the little tomatoes, fell off my fork, down my shirt and had worked its way under my boob! I had been carrying the damn thing around with me all day and had no idea. With my new larger sized belly and breasts, I have noticed that alot of my food ends up on them. I am not quite sure how this happens. Maybe its because I can not scoot quite as close to the table as I could before, or maybe it's because of my new lack of coordination. But somehow, I manage to drop all sorts of things on my boobs, down my shirt and into my boobs, and sometimes, on my belly. Half the time, I don't even know it until someone points it out to me.

Which brings me to another subject... "Preggo Brain". This is not a myth people! This is the real deal. I have heard my other friends say many times... "oh I will just blame it on my Preggo Brain!", but I had no idea how serious this shit really was. I forget everything and anything. It's so frustrating! I looked at my planner Monday morning and saw that I had an OB appt right after work (I had also noticed this appt when I looked at my planner a few days before as well). But by the time I got off work, I had already completely forgotten, and I just went straight home. I called the next day to apologize and luckily they squeezed me in. I explained what happened and they just laughed and blamed it on my preggo brain!

Last night before dinner, I took one of my antibiotic pills for my kidney stone infection. Two minutes later, I couldn't remember if I had actually taken one or just thought about it. Luckily my friend Toni had been sitting right there and when I asked "Did I actually take one of those?", she had witnessed it and was able to tell me I had (after laughing at me ofcourse). How do you forget taking a pill two minutes ago? This morning I left for work, forgetting to take the pill altogether and my poor husband had to bring them to me on his way out to work. Have I mentioned how patient my husband is with me?

Not only do I forget things, but I actually forget how to talk sometimes! I will fumble over my words and insert the wrong word entirely. I will take two words in a sentence and switch them around. I will completely forget what word is appropriate for what I am trying to say! And it only seems to be getting worse. Even blogging has become more difficult... as I am often unable to figure out the right word to type for what I want to say.

I am hoping things go back to normal once I have the baby, or atleast get better. Someone, please tell me they do!

And on a very good night... my weigh-in at the OB yesterday was a big improvement! I had gained much less weight then I had on my previous visits. I was right on target with the "normal" amount of weight gain. I hadn't done that much differently, but I guess the little changes made a big difference. I was so relieved to not get another lecture. Instead I got a huge shot in my ass (my rogaine shot, cuz I am a negative blood type and Joe is a positive). Yay!

And what is with this week? Is it just me, or is this the longest week ever?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A little practice for my labor pains...

Here are some pics we took last night of my belly. I am now 28 weeks (7 mos) and this week is the start of my third trimester. Look how much bigger my belly has gotten since the last pics!

We had a change in plans for the day. Sometimes things just happen and there's nothing you can do about it. Like say... a kidney stone! Last night I was beginning to fear that I might have a bladder infection. This morning I realized it was something much more fun. I woke up to some intense lower back pain and I knew right away what it was. I honestly couldn't tell you how many kidney stones I have had in the past, but let's just say I am very familiar with the pain and had very little doubt as to what was going on. I was quite a bit more worried then usual, because when you are pregnant, there is alot less they can do to help you. They can't do a CT scan, and they can't go in and break it up. The can give you some pain medicine, but not that much and there are always risks associated with that as well.

I tried to endure it, hoping it might just pass at home and I could get through the pain, but around 6:30am , the pain became so unbearable I had to wake up Joe to take me to the emergency room. The ride there was the worst, the pain was becoming off the charts and I kept telling myself to try to stay calm. I didn't want to cause any additional problems with the baby or cause myself to start any contractions or anything. Joe dropped me off right at the entrance and as soon as I walked in, the nurse took one look at me and immediately thought I was in labor... "Are you going into labor?", she asked, "No I have a kidney stone!", I replied. "Uh oh", was all she replied.

She rushed me right back to a room. I was so lucky they weren't busy at all this morning and could get things going pretty quickly. They took my blood, a urine sample and hooked me up to an IV. The pain in my lower back was getting so bad and there were sharp, burning, stabbing pains going on down near my vajayjay. Then I felt the pain in my lower back subside and one HUGE shot of sharp burning pain shot through me. I wasn't sure if the stone had dropped into my bladder or if it had just stopped moving for a minute. The nurse came in to give me my pain meds. All they gave me was 50 mg of Demerol, but within minutes I felt a million times better. Ten minutes after that I had to go to the bathroom... bad. So took my IV and went. And I couldn't have been more excited too see that damn kidney stone come out when I peed.

I brought it out to the nurse to show it off. And it was HUGE! I mean as far as kidney stones go, it was one of my biggest ones yet. I was so happy to have it out of me, I was giddy. I know how these things can drag on and cause pain for weeks. I once spent 2 weeks in and out of the hospital dealing with one and had to have surgery to remove it. I had to walk around with a stent before. They can cause your life to be hell. So, all things considering, I was extremely lucky that the pain was here and everything gone all in one morning. I am left with an infection, and was given a prescription for some antibiotics, but other then that... the worst is definitely over.

Ofcourse I had to take my kidney stone home with me. How can such a little thing cause so much pain?

I did get an extra bonus though when they wheeled in a monitor and gave me an ultrasound. They wanted to check the baby and make sure everything was okay. It was exciting to be able to see her unexpectedly today and everything looked good. She's laying sideways now with her head on my right side. Her heartbeat looked great and she seemed to have weathered the storm just fine.

We left the hospital, dropped off my prescription and picked up some breakfast. We then went home, ate our food and went straight to bed. We slept for about 6 hours. I was exhausted! I had some things to do today, and ofcourse, I didn't get anything done. We planned on going to a bbq for a friends 30th birthday, but that didn't happen either.

I am wore out and all I want to do is rest. Tonight we are going to watch Grand Torino and lay around. Sounds perfect to me. And if what everyone tells me is true, how a kidney stone is worse then labor, then I should have nothing to worry about. I have a feeling that won't be the case though.

Just a Quickie...

It's late and I am getting ready to go to bed, but I will be pretty busy most of the weekend and I just wanted to write a quick post as an update to my last one, along with some other quick thoughts.

Things have been wonderful. I hadn't realized how much things had changed until they started to get back to normal. After our talk the other night, every day has been better and I am so grateful that we love each other as much as we do and that our relationship has the amazing ability to heal and then grow even stonger then before. I am also very fortunate to have such a patient and quickly forgiving husband.

My belly has gotten drastically bigger in just the last week. I can really feel it starting to stretch out. And I can't believe how much the little munchkin has been moving around... she has been responding to music and my singing. She also responds when I eat or drink something really cold.

My acid reflux has been better. I have been taking a protonix every day before I go to bed and it seems to be helping alot. I am starting to have alot more trouble sleeping. My hips hurt alot sometimes and will wake me up, but then I just flip over and go back to sleep.

Tonight, Joe and I went to Walmart to do our grocery shopping at 11:00 pm. There was a couple in there with us and the girl was wearing a tiny cotton spaghetti strap dress with nothing underneath. You could see her boobs flopping around and one just kinda fell out while she was walking around. You really do see some interesting people at Walmart late at night.

I am going to try and add a pic tomorrow of my belly to show how much bigger it has gotten all of a sudden. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate." ~Barnett R. Brickner

Sometimes we move along through life and when things are not going well and just as we would like, we ignore things and pretend they are not happening, and it's always easier to look around you for blame. It can be hard to turn inward and realize that we are a big part of the problem and unless we figure things out and work on our own problems, things are not going to get better.

I had realized that lately my husband and I had been "drifting" and things seemed different, but I wasn't sure what the problem was. I immediately assumed it was my husband, and I wasn't sure what was going on. So for the past couple of weeks I have been trying to figure it out... asking him questions, asking how work was going, how his day went, and more then usual. Although we weren't "fighting" or getting into arguments.... and things appeared on the surface to be normal to outsiders, there had been a shift and things were definitely different. He seemed distant and sad. Was he worried about the baby? Stressed about the new pay structure at his job?

Joe has always been very affectionate and caring towards me. He would always go out of his way to do nice things for me and to say nice things to me. He is also normally very laid back and passive. He has an incredible sense of humor and is always very good at making me laugh and forgetting everything else. But lately, he just wasn't himself. He was more quiet, kept more to himself and was missing that "spark" that I loved so much and could always see in his eyes.

Finally, Monday night, everything came to a head.

I just couldn't take it anymore. I had to figure out what was wrong. I hated to see him like this. I wanted him to talk to me, to tell me what was wrong. Maybe I could help. Something though, had to give.

So I spent a half hour talking and talking and talking while he sat there and listened. I talked about us and how he had been acting so different. I talked about how sorry I was that our sex life had been slacking with the pregnancy. I told him how I knew something had changed with us and I was very worried about it. I didn't understand why and I wanted to know.

Finally he started to talk to me. And I soon realized that things were much worse then I had thought. And most of it was my fault. It was hard to hear, it was hard to take, but it was the truth and there was no denying it.

I have been so caught up in the arrival of our baby, our financial situation, and everything else going on, that I forgot to keep up with my relationship with my husband. I'd like to blame it all on being pregnant, but this actually all started well before that. I had no idea, because frankly I didn't recognize a problem until it was almost too late.

I had been pushing him away. Not on purpose, but because of my actions (or lack of) and him not not being able to really communicate his problems with me, things got progressively worse. I have not always been the most affectionate and I took for granted his affections towards me. I didn't realize how lopsided things had been... Joe was giving and giving, and I was taking and taking, and not giving near as much in return. And this went on for so long that he had given up, deciding that this was who I was and that he couldn't change it. That maybe I didn't love him as much as he loved me. That for now on, he was going to try to look out for himself more and be more responsible for his own happiness.

When I fully realized this, I was filled with a sadness I had never known before. I was absolutely devastated. How could I let this man, who I loved more then anything else in this world, come to these conclusions and because of my actions? He had no idea how much I loved him and how much he meant to me and it was all a direct result of my inability to express to him how I feel and to show him how much I loved him. I wasn't always this way with him, but something changed over time, I started acting differently and expressing myself differently. I don't know exactly why or how this happened, but it happened and it has made a huge rift in our relationship and I didn't even realize it. How could I be so blind and insensitive?

And to top it off I can be controlling (or atleast perceived this way), and can be very particular about having things a certain way. Sometimes Joe is so passive he lets things slide and I don't even realize its bothering him. He has been feeling like he was just a paycheck to me and all I was concerned about was myself and the baby!

Ofcourse, all of these things couldn't be any further from the truth. But this is the way that he felt. And whether it was true or not, how could I ever make my husband feel this way? I had been insensitive. I had been taking him for granted. And I had been neglecting our relationship. How could I have not seen this? It was one of the most ugliest, most horrible realizations that I have ever had to come to about myself. I would never, in a million years, want to purposely make my husband feel this way. And yet, I had caused this, and not even noticed. What the hell was wrong with me?!

After he first told me, it took a minute to sink in. But once I heard him, really heard him, I could see and understand why he felt this way. I felt like the smallest person on earth. I had taken what was an incredibly giving and loving man and was beginning to change him into something else, as a reaction to me. I wish so very badly, that he had been able to express these feelings to me sooner, to let me know how he was perceiving me and how I was making him feel. Instead, he kept quiet about it and let things become worse without me even knowing. But I should have noticed sooner.

At first, after everything was out in the air, I tried to tell him how sorry I was. I tried to tell him how much I loved him and how much he meant to me. But they were only words, and as they came out of my mouth, I could tell they didn't mean near as much to him as I wanted them too. I put my arms around him and hugged him with all of my might. I cried. I told him how sorry I was. He put his arms back around me, but it was automatic and I could tell as I looked into his eyes, that something was gone and I could feel my heart breaking as I realized that I was the one who took it away. I didn't know what else to say. I didn't know what else to do. I felt like my whole world had been turned upside down. There was a whole side to me that I hadn't even known, but that my husband knew very well. I didn't know how to fix it. All I could feel was the sadness and the guilt.

He told me he was leaving shortly after that. I didn't know where he was going. I didn't ask. After he left I crawled into bed and closed my eyes, wishing it was just a bad dream and it would all go away.

I don't know how much time had passed. I never opened my eyes. My head was aching from all of this. Finally he came home. I went out into the living room to talk to him. He pulled me really close, wrapped his arms around me and told me that he loved me. He told me that for once, he thought I had really heard him and that he knew things could be better. I can't even describe to you the feeling of relief and gratitude that washed over me.

Things are going to be better. And I am going to make sure of it. I am never going to take him or our marriage for granted again. I can't forget that everyone, man or woman, needs to be reminded of their importance in a relationship and that everyone needs to know how much they are loved and wanted. I have alot to work on. But I am grateful that I am able to accept responsibility, see my faults and can work towards fixing them. Sometimes it is hard to admit we are to blame and to look inward, but sometimes that is the only way to heal what is wounded.

Out of all of the things that have hurt me or caused me pain, nothing compares to the feeling I had when I realized that I had been the one to cause the pain to the person I loved the most. I am so very grateful that I now know, and before our baby arrives, while we still have some time to ourselves.

I have alot of hope and a renewed appreciation for my husband and our marriage. Sometimes we really need a kick in the ass to wake ourselves up!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Holy crap... what is that under the covers (a.k.a. my belly skin)?!

So this morning... I ran across this video on YouTube...

It looked so crazy. I watched a couple of other videos and I was wondering, if some of these woman were only 22 weeks along and were able to see that much movement from the outside, why hadn't I seen any of this yet at 27 weeks? I have been feeling her move alot more lately. I mean ALOT more! She was tearin it up yesterday with her dance moves. So I looked down at my belly and realized that I hadn't really been watching it very closely, and it might have something to do with the huge obstructions, also knows as my boobs, that were sitting in the way. I could feel her moving quite a bit at the moment on my right side, so I rolled down the belly part of my pants and shoved my breast out of the way as much as I could and .... HOLY CRAP!

I could see her moving all over the place from the outside of my belly! It was amazing. Absolutely amazing. It looked just like in the video above! I was giddy over it really. I called Joe and my mom to tell them all about it. I was wishing so badly that Joe was there to see it too, but I was pretty sure I would be able to show it to him tonight. I have seen this before, happen to my friends and other woman, but when it happens to you its totally different. Feeling her move was so wonderful in itself, but this just really took it up a notch.

I am going to try to catch my belly on video this evening and if I get anything good I will be sure to upload it!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I could really use a nap!

Today is a little rough. But last night was worse.

My first mistake was making Turkey Chili for dinner. Yes I know this already sounds bad given my battle with acid reflux as of late, but its a really mild recipe and I had some last week without any problems at all. Plus with my new medicine, things have been much better. I guess it's gotten worse cuz I spent most of the night last night sitting straight up on the couch in the dark crying. I was being a big baby about it too... but it really hurt bad. Joe came home from his softball game to me sitting up on the couch tears streaming down my face. He tried to help me get more comfortable, but there really wasn't much he could do. No more turkey chili for me. Which is a bummer cuz its easy, cheap and makes great leftovers for lunch.

I went in for my 3 hour glucose test yesterday morning. That was alot of fun. I didn't have anything to eat after dinner the night before and once I woke up I couldn't have any food or drinks at all. I arrived at the ob office around 9:00. At 9:15 they drew blood. Then I had to drink this really really sugary nasty bottle of liquid. The wanted me to wait in the office for 1 hour until they drew my blood again incase I got dizzy or sick from the drink. I still couldn't eat any food, but I was now allowed to drink water. At 10:15 they drew my blood again. This time I was able to leave as long as I was back in time for the next round. My sister Erin's new house just so happens to be right down the street from my doctor's office so I popped in over there for visit. I had my blood drawn again at 11:15 and then again at 12:15. By this time I was so hungry, I could have started gnawing on my arm. I picked up some lunch on the way to work and scarfed it down as soon as I got there. About 10 minutes later, I started to get really dizzy like I was going to faint and then I felt like I might throw up. After about an hour, that passed and I started to feel better. The whole ordeal really exhausted me for some reason.

So after that, and after getting hardly any sleep last night, I am pretty much useless today. I fully intend to go home directly after work and take a nice long nap.

I am going to stop bitching now and move on to better topics.

I did call the doctor's office this morning for my results and everything came back normal. Yay! They were testing for gestational diabetes and I was really not looking forward to being diagnosed with it. Erin had it with her last pregnancy and you really have to be on a super strict diet, plus theres a pretty good chance that if you are diagnosed with it during pregnancy you will go on to be diagnosed with diabetes later in life. But after failing the initial test, I was not feeling to good about this one. I was extremely relieved when I got the good news!

Sonic is giving away free root beer floats tonight and me and Joe decided that if I passed the test we were going to celebrate by stopping in and getting some. Mmmmm.

Some of my nursery bedding is arriving today! Well, just the three pictures that hang on the wall, but atleast we will be able to see the colors in person and can even use those to pick out our paint colors for the wall.

My sister Amy, who is also pregnant, found out yesterday that she is having a girl as well. I am so excited! They are only going to be 7 or so weeks apart (if we deliver near our due dates), and they will be together all the time. I thought they would have more fun together if they were the same sex. Ofcourse they would still have had a great time if they were having a boy too, but I am definitely not disappointed its a girl! It's now becoming a joke amongst our family that my dad will never have any little boys in the family. My parents had all 3 girls and so far Erin has had 2 girls and now Amy and I are each having a girl. I think its funny. Hopefully we'll eventually have atleast one boy. He'll definitely be outnumbered though.

The little munchkin is moving around all the time now! Sometimes it can get a little uncomfortable, but most of the time it just surprises me. Sometimes it even tickles and I will just start laughing out loud. I probably seem crazy to others when I do that. I never thought you could be tickled from the inside!

So even though it has been a little rough, I am trying to stay positive... obviously it could be alot worse. I am sure if I could get a good nights sleep I would be feeling much better. So wish me luck tonight!

Monday, June 1, 2009

A whole Shlew of Ramblings

Good Morning!

We had a pretty good weekend. Friday night we went to the Rascals Baseball game with my parents and Amy & J. My dad's work had some club seat tickets and the weather was really nice. It was fun sitting outside and visiting with everyone. Even if I didn't pay any attention to the game. And for anyone that cares, the Rascals Baseball team is a team in an independent professional league. So they are professional, but on a smaller, more local scale. For the first 1,000 people to arrive at the game, they were giving away bobbleheads. And of who? It was none other then Moses himself. I thought that was kinda wierd and out of place at a baseball game... but we still got a kick out of them nonetheless.

Saturday was mostly spent getting caught up on some things around the house. Ya know, laundry, cleaning, yard work, all that good stuff. I watched Burn After Reading before I went to bed. That was 2 wasted hours I will never get back.

Sunday we helped my youngest sister, Erin and her hubs, move out of my other sister Amy's house and into their new house. What an ordeal (mostly for them)! They had to move stuff from Springfield, MO, from Jefferson City, MO and stuff from both Amy's and my house. I couldn't believe how much stuff they had! Their new house is really cute and only 9 miles from ours which is great. I am just so happy they are not living in Springfield anymore. Not only do I get to see my sister more, but now I get to watch my nieces grow up. Yay!!

I guess I was on a Brad Pitt kick cuz I watched Benjamin Button on Sunday. Unlike the other flick I watched Saturday, I really enjoyed this one. I had been putting off watching it because I had heard from several people it was too long and not that great. But my gal Toni had rented it and was at our house on Sunday with the copy in her car, so she let us borrow it. It didn't feel too long to me at all. Everything about the movie was good in my opinion. And the make-up was really amazing. Brad Pitt really pulled it off, going through the different stages of the character's life.

As you may or may not know from reading my previous posts, we are going to be using cloth diapers. I have decided to go with gdiapers for a few different reasons that I won't get into now, but I had to share this with you. They came out with a new design this summer for little girls... just in time for our little one! Isn't this just way too cute! You better believe I'm gonna have to get a couple of these!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!