Monday, March 21, 2011


The weather outside is making it really hard to work today. I just want to sneak out and play! It's also got me making lists everywhere! Spring cleaning anyone? Seems like there's so much to do all of a sudden after being dormant for most of the winter.

Yesterday, Joe was on a roll, and as exhausted as I was, I had to try to keep up as that rarely happens. Not that he's lazy, he's just always so busy between work and school. He fixed a couple of things around the house and then asked me if I wanted to clean out all of the Munchkin's clothes that were too small for her so we could put away all of the new stuff I had picked up for her on Saturday. This was HIS idea! The thought of him possibly taking some sort of speed did cross my mind. Granted, he is the one who gets her dressed in the morning and it would definitely make things easier, but still, I couldn't believe it! He also asked me this as I was mid cleaning out the refrigerator, which I had thought was my last chore for the day. Boo.

So we removed everything she had grown out of. Which turned out to be pretty much everything. Since I haven't done this in a while, we filled up two huge tubs. Now her closet and drawers are practically empty with what little I picked up for her over the weekend. She was down to only a few things left that would (sorta) fit her and knowing how much it was going to cost, we had been putting it off. This weekend though was the annual Give and Get program and I had a 30% off my entire order at Gap and Old Navy (while supporting a wildlife protection agency, bonus!). I scoured the clearance and sale items, and with my coupon I managed to get her quite a few really cute things for some really great deals. Score! I mostly bought 24 mos and 2T. I can't believe she is already wearing 2T! Girlfriend is tall though and although the clothes may be a bit loose on her, they work and will last longer then if I bought her more 18-24 mos stuff. Now I don't have to feel so bad sending her to the sitter with her belly hanging out and ankles showing. I might have also found a pair of pants for myself. Just one. Maybe a pair of earrings too. Oh and some socks. Ya know, things I NEED.

I also felt really guilty about all of the clothes we packed away that she had never even worn or had only worn once or twice. What a waste of money! I am going to try to mostly only get her stuff that will be worn on a regular basis, that she can mix and match more and really try to avoid those super tempting adorable dresses that cost too much and aren't very practical. Sigh. Well, maybe just a few dresses.

I also have a stack of clothes that I am going to donate. Like ones people gave us that we didn't really like. You know the ones. I just can't dress her in the frilly stuff with doilies hanging off. It's just not her thing. The munchkin has standards. Plus Joe likes to dress her in the mornings in things he thinks she will be comfortable in while she takes her nap. He doesn't want her to be uncomfortable while napping! I think it's cute he even thinks of that stuff.

So tonight, maybe I'll try to check some more things off that to do list. Maybe while I am on a roll with clothes, I'll go through mine. How does spring bring about such an impulse and need to get a million things done right away?

I'll just sit outside and enjoy this weather instead with a nice glass of wine after the munchkin goes to bed.

Yes I think that plan sounds much better.


Sarah Smith said...

I, too, have many lists going this time of year. Things to do in the garden/yard, spring cleaning, etc. We also have the "problem" of too many kid clothes, finding many that were hardly worn if at all. In our case, it is because the two grandma's can't resist buying lots of clothes. I'm thankful they buy so much, and we basically buy none. But it does seem like a waste sometimes, too. A friend of mine goes to a church where there are lots of moms and pregnant moms, so we pass everything to her to distribute to that group. My husband jokes around that there are enough baby clothes in the world that no one needs to make any more ever!

Gina said...

I wish our babies were the same gender so we could share clothes!