Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Munchkin's 18 Month Update

The Munchkin was officially 18 months on the ninth, but better late then never right? At what point are they officially a toddler? I am sure that was something that happened long ago, but I am still having a hard time accepting that my baby is no longer a "baby"!

Oh how I love this little girl. She makes me so happy. She is talking like crazy all the time and I am not even sure where she picks some of this stuff up from. I love it when she drops something and says "Awe Man!". When I go to take her picture, she says "Cheese!" really loud and gives me the cheesiest grin she can muster.

She can point to all of her body parts when we ask her to and says most of them back. She is starting to recognize numbers and lots of letters too. When I hold a letter up, she sometimes gets it right! She will make the animals sounds when she sees them instead of saying what the animal is. Like when she sees a lion, she says "RHOAR"! Its just so stinkin cute. When she sees a duck, she yells "Quack"! Well, you catch the drift...

She loves to dance. LOVES it! When any kind of music comes on, she starts moving around or going in circles, shaking her hips or flailing her arms around. Sometimes she is actually even moving with the beat. She loves watching the Fresh Beat Band on TV and dancing with them. If she hears them coming on, she yells "Kiki!" (her favorite girl on the show).

She doesn't sign much anymore now that she can say the words, but sometimes when she really wants something bad, she'll give us the sign for "more" while saying "PLEEEEASE"!! She makes it really tough to say no when she does that!

Lately she likes to reach her hand down the front of our shirts and pull "food" out and feed it to us. Obviously, there's not really any food there, but she sure acts like there is. Its especially funny when she is pulling "food" out from between my boobies and then sticking it in my mouth. She founds this to be absolutely hilarious and cracks up every time we pretend to chew whatever it is that she is sticking in our mouths.

She is still a great eater and we haven't come across much that she won't eat. I am still hoping this continues to last. Lately though, she wants me to feed her more, where before she would want to always feed herself and would get really upset if she couldn't . Now, she will feed herself with her spoon and then halfway through will just stop eating unless I feed it to her. I am not sure what to think about it, but it doesn't seem like its much to worry about, so I just go with it.

She still only has 4 full teeth in, her top front two and the bottom front two. The ones to the side of her front ones have come in about halfway and some others are pushing through now... that girl needs some more teeth! I still feel like I need to cut up most of her food pretty small and don't think I will stop till more teeth come in.

She will do pretty good entertaining herself with her toys or just wandering around while I am making dinner or something else where I can't give her all of my attention. This is pretty big to me, because for the longest time, she would get so frustrated with me if I was making dinner or doing dishes. With Joe being at school 3 nights a week, there was no one else there to help me out. That just plain sucks cooking up food with stuff all over your hands right in the middle of it, while a little one is crying like she's in pain and pulling on your clothes because they want you to pick them up. Obviously you can't, so you just have to deal. Alot of times I would wear her in a carrier on my back, but she was getting kinda heavy for that. Walking around or hiking with a carrier is one thing, leaning over and mixing, stirring and pulling things out of cabinets is a whole different story. Luckily, she seems to have grown out of that phase. I do NOT miss it!

It's hard to believe how much she has grown up already. People were serious when they sad they grow up quick! I try to take things slowly and soak up every minute. I am loving this age she is at and I want to hold on to it as long as I can!!


Anonymous said...

Hehehe... it's up to you, but honestly, if she's hungry, she'll feed herself. It's also been quite a long time since I've had an 18 month old, so Anna is probably the one with better advice... :) luf ya,

Laura said...

I think she just likes me to feed her a little bit sometimes and I don't mind. She is still feeding herself most of the time and doing just fine with it, so I am just gonna go with it for now. I kinda think its cute actually :)

Anna said...

I can't believe how big she is getting! The last picture is right next to the blog picture and you can really see that she is no longer a baby!
She also looks so much like you in that last one! I love it. Also about the feeding, do what you ahve to do. We let Isaac eat in front of the TV because he'll ask for seconds that way, where at the table he'll hardly eat a thing! We think eating a lot of good food is more important than where he is when it gets there :)

Susannah said...

She is so big and precious! I wish Emma would eat whatever I gave her! She's still so picky around me!

Gina said...

I need to babysit her again.

That is all.

Sarah Smith said...

Wow, 18 months old! It is so fun to watch them start showing some personality. My daughter was late on teeth too. She didn't get her first ones until she was 14-months old! I love the second picture; your daughter looks so cute.

Myshka said...

Sounds like you've made a beautiful, amazing little girl. At the moment, L is going through an "I only want to eat bread, cashews and pasta" phase, so I envy Ayla's appetite! Well done, mummy. You should be proud.