Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Apparantly Sleeping is Just Not in the Cards for Me....

So for the past six months or so our bed has turned against us. Its definitely been around for a while, and although it was once a very comfortable nest, it had become something we dreaded getting into. Mostly because we knew that when we woke up, we would be riddled with back pain, shoulder pain and hip pain. I would also wake up every hour or two and need to reposition myself. And forget about ever sleeping in, the longer you were in it, the more sore you were the next day. So we finally caved and decided to fork over the money and get a new one.

Of course, we couldn't afford the one we REALLY wanted, which was a Tempur-pedic. I can't believe how much money they want for those damn things! They may very well be worth it, but if you don't have the money, then you don't have the money. After lots of research, price shopping and review reading, I settled on one that fit our budget and would hopefully give us a better night's rest. We waited a week and it was delivered to our door step. At first we thought it was the best thing in the world, and it was definitely more comfortable then our previous bed, but after a few nights we realized this bed was FIRM. Seriously way too firm for us. It was supportive and all, but we needed some cushion! My back pain was gone, but my hips were aching all day long now. So then I started researching memory foam toppers to go on top of it. I shopped around, picked one out, two days later (last Thursday) it was on the bed.

We realized right away that it was now just right for us. It was kinda like sleeping on a cloud and we loved laying on it. About the same time, the munchkin had started getting 6-8 teeth in all at the same time, so comfy or not, we were still up quite a bit with a very unhappy little girl. She never needed us to actually come into her room, but throughout the whole night she would wake up and groan or cry out and would in turn, wake me up. I feel so bad for her. Every time I get ready to head in there, she falls back asleep or gets really quiet. So I am caught in the hallway wondering what to do.

Yesterday, she seemed like she was feeling better. Maybe I was finally going to get a good night's sleep! I went to bed early even, so I could catch up. I have been feeling like such a zombie lately... I really needed some rest! I actually made it into bed around 9:30, which is a record for me these days. I must have been utterly exhausted because I don't even remember laying there for long. I was out like a light.

Next thing you know, I am vibrating and bumping around to some really loud and heavy bass. I look over at my clock and it's 1:45 am. Awe man... and I was sleeping so good for a change! I thought, It can't last too long, then I can go back to sleep. So I waited. I waited 15 minutes and started to get super pissed. Plus, I was afraid they were going to wake up the munchkin who was finally getting some good sleep herself. I got out of bed, went to the front door and peeked out the window. The neighbor's kid was sitting in his car across the street, no doubt smoking pot and listening to techno music. So I have nothing against pot, nor techno music for that matter (I've seen and enjoyed plenty of both back in my day), but wtf?! Its now 2:00 am and if you are gonna smoke pot in your car outside, don't you want to be a little more discreet about it? I started flashing my front porch light, hoping that it would get his attention and he would realize he was messing with people's sleep. Nothing. I realized if I wanted to go back to sleep any time soon I was going to have to brave the cold and walk my happy ass over there. So I pulled on some sweat pants, shoes and a coat and marched myself over there.

As I got closer to his car, I could see the window was rolled down half way and could smell the weed. Seriously, this kid is like 18 years old. How dumb do you have to be to combine smoking pot out in your car and really really loud bass at 2:00 am. Are we trying to attract attention to this or what? I walked straight up to his car and banged on his window as hard and fast as I could. He leaped up in his chair, started flaring his arms around, while a look of total and utter panic swept over his face. His reaction alone, almost made me feel better. I seriously scared the shit out of him.

He looked out at me "You scared the crap out of me!". I replied, "I can hear your bass in my bedroom." He said, breathing really heavy and with a shaking voice, "I am so so sorry!" I told him to just turn it down and started walking back to my house as he apologized again. I could hear him shutting off his car and the night was finally silent again. I kicked off my shoes, my pants and my coat along the path back to my bedroom and couldn't wait to get back to sleep. Joe was still out, of course, that guy can sleep through anything.

As my head hit the pillow and I closed my eyes, I started to hear another really loud sound. That little asshole's car alarm was going off! You have got to be kidding me! I laid there for a few minutes, thinking surely he is going to turn it off soon. Ten minutes later, it was still going on and I am not gonna lie, I was pretty much fuming at this point. And my husband was still sleeping! I went to the front door and peeked out. There was no one in the car. Apparently, they couldn't hear the alarm going off from inside their house (he doesn't park his car in front of his own house).

So back to the bedroom and I am waking up Joe. How that man can even still be sleeping through all of this is amazing to me and damnit, I was not going to deal with it by myself any longer. Joe gets up, puts on his coat and heads across the street. As soon as he gets to the door and knocks, the kids bedroom light shuts off. Joe waits, nothing, he knocks again, nothing. He just stands there for a while. Personally, I would be ringing the doorbell AND banging on the door. I might even be yelling too. I would not care if his parent's were woken up. Luckily for them, Joe is way more laid back then me. No one ever comes, Joe gives up and heads back home. At this time, the car alarm is starting to slow down, sputter and cut out as the battery power starts to run out. Then it stops. Finally.

We headed back to the bedroom and crawled into the bed. It was now almost 3:00am. Thanks jerk. Another night of crappy sleep.

So I am hoping, really really hoping, that I might actually get some good sleep tonight. If I don't, I am just gonna call in sick to work one of these days, have Joe take the munchkin to the sitter and just stay home in bed ALL day long!


Anonymous said...

heheeh if he does it again threaten 911 - because you are NOT afraid to have him arrested - because you ARE that kind of a bitch and you hope his parents find out about this because they'd certainly love to see you on the stand weeping uncontrollably due to sleepless nights...

Susannah said...

Eff no, I would cut him. What an asshole! And I'm going thru the same things sleep wise!

Sarah Smith said...

Wow, that's funny! (I'm sure it wasn't in the middle of the night, but in the light of day it sure is!)We did bite the bullet and get a Tempurpedic after my daughter was born (that is when I was still working so we could actually afford it). It makes me dread sleeping anywhere else. Nonetheless, we've essentially given in to having crappy sleep for the last four years as neither of our kids are good sleepers. My daughter did start sleeping well around the time she turned three, but of course now her brother is waking me up at least 3 times every night. Oh well, I just keep thinking I'll sleep great again someday. I haven't slept more than 4 hours straight since 2006!

Brittany Ann said...

I'D KILL HIM! When one of our neighbors does that with his car's base in the middle of the day, I get infuriated. BABIES ARE NAPPING! And if he wakes up my baby, that day, I will kill him!