Sunday, August 30, 2009

T-minus 4 days!

The hubs took a pic of my belly on Sunday. Here I am at 39 weeks and 2 days! I can't believe how huge my belly is and it feels even bigger!

It is becoming quite a job to lug this thing around. I have been having contractions constantly, but I haven't really been feeling them. I know they are there though because my belly becomes hard as a rock, then soft, then hard again, then soft again. These are the Braxton Hicks contractions. I have been having them all the time lately, but fortunately I don't feel most of them, except for the change in my belly's firmness. Although I have had some of the shooting pain down in my pelvis.

The pelvic pressure has not let up. I have realized that sitting up straight in a chair, like at work or at the kitchen table, makes it much worse. So I have been trying to get up and walk around alot while at work and sit leaning back while I am at home. It does seem to help. Also getting down on all fours and doing cat stretches brings some relief as well, if only just a little.

Warning: The rest of this paragraph may be TMI, so skip ahead if you don't want to hear it. I have been having some definite signs of impending labor. After I had my ob exam last Monday, there was quite a bit of blood mixed in with my urine. It was most likely membranes rupturing caused by the exam. After a couple of days, this went away and it was pretty much back to normal. Now, I am pretty sure I have been losing my mucus plug in pieces here and there over the last couple of days and and also having some "bloody show" (why can't they call it something less disgusting sounding?).

As gross and uncomfortable as this all is, I still get very excited when these things occur. They are signs that things are happening and each thing is bringing me closer to meeting my baby!

We didn't do much this weekend but relax. Friday night we had some friends over, we ordered pizza and watched the Cardinals game. We tried out my New Native Sling on their little baby and she really seemed to like it. She was pretty fussy at first but once she settled down into she really seemed to relax. They fed her her bottle while she was in there and it really seemed to work out great. They aren't really into the whole "babywearing thing", so they kinda blew it off, but I thought it was pretty cool. It made me really excited to try out all my wraps and slings on my little munchkin.

Which reminds me. I am going to pick up a new wrap today from a lady off craigslist. She is selling me her Sleepy Wrap for only $15. Yay!! Its alot like my moby wrap only softer. The moby wrap is a tan color, the new sleepy wrap is gray like in the picture below. It's nice to have color choices for different outfits...

After our guests left Friday night, Joe and I watched The Watchmen. I had heard bad reviews, so my expectations were not that high. But I am a sucker for super hero/comic book movies so we watched it anyway. I actually thought it was pretty good, but it did seem to drag on at times.

Saturday we went grocery shopping. This was a full-on shopping extravaganza. We had gone through all of the sale ads and picked out what we wanted on sale at the different stores. We went to 5 different grocery stores! They are all really close to each other so we didn't spend alot of money in gas or anything, but we did save alot of money and more importantly, I got some exercise in. We also found a retro version of Monopoly on clearance. I hadn't played in atleast 20 years so we decided to get it. We played after lunch and I totally won! Granted I was having some amazing luck with my dice rolling (doubles queen), but still it was fun to win. Later that night we watched Labor Pains with Lindsay Lohan. Totally cheesetastic, but it was kinda entertaining since I am so pregnant right now.

Joe has been cooking our meals all weekend. Except breakfast, I have still been doing that. I guess I have more energy first thing in the morning. Last night Joe made us some chicken out on the grill and some mac and cheese. Here is the chef in the kitchen. I sure do love this guy!

We haven't made any plans for the week before my due date, so I feel like we are just waiting for me to go into labor. The only thing I have going on is a Le Leche League meeting tomorrow night. I would like to get in one more meeting before she gets here, but ofcourse I wouldn't choose to put off her arrival if I had a choice.

I have a doctors appointment today after I get off work. I am really hoping that there has been some progress. I really feel like there has. It would really be nice if, after my cervix exam, they said "Oh you need to head to the hospital straight away! This baby is coming tonight!"

Ahhh... one can dream can't they?


Little T said...

I absolutely cannot wait to meet this baby. It is rude for a girl my size to say "holy cow, look how big you are" but that is really what I wanted to say last week in your kitchen. YOU are still you. Your stomach and BBA are in a dimension all of their own. I will say a little prayer that the doc breaks your water and you have to go NOW!

Gina said...

If I have another baby, I am totally borrowing at least one of those slings! :) I would love it and can't figure out why I didn't get one for L. It's any day now! Can't wait!!!!!

Maggie May said...

your stomach is so beautiful, so smooth! tick tock... :)

Anrazel said...

I remember knowing that my belly was going to get big, but not realizing how big it was really going to get! You look amazing and I can't wait to meet her! Have fun at your meeting tonight and good luck at the doctor!

Molly Lou Gifts said... is almost time. So glad you are ready and feeling well. Can't wait to see pictures of the little one. Hope your appointment goes well! YAY!

Sus said...

Good Luck! I just had my baby on August 4th. I've been reading your blog for about 6 months, so it's exciting to see you getting ready to have your baby! I gave you a shout out on my blog yesterday-check it out at
It will be here before you know it!

Brittany Ann said...

My sister-in-law loves that sleepy wrap!

CAKE. by Sarah Jane said...

I just saw a new mommie at The Little Gym this morning wearing a sling exactly like that and instantly thought about you wondering if you had one yet!

Myshka said...

exciting adventures lie in wait for you! hurray!!!!!!! oh,I'm thrilled- can you believe it's come around so soon?!???

Ink Obsession Designs said...

You look amazing!!!

Badass Geek said...

Thanks for the disclaimer... I have two sisters who both were/are pregnant recently, and I plug my ears and sing "lalalala" whenever they got to talking.

Best of luck in the next few days!