Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This and That... and Some of This Too and More of That...

This weekend was supposed to be relaxing and non-eventful, but my nesting urges took over and it ended up being very busy. But I did get alot done!

We do not have alot of storage space in our home. I love our house, but it is severely lacking in that department. Our bathrooms are small and our closets are smaller. Other then the small bedroom closets and one mini closet for coats, there is no where else to put things. We don't even have a pantry in our kitchen. We do have some cabinets in the laundry room, where I store all of our laundry supplies, light bulbs, the dog's stuff, our alcohol, and all of our medicines and first aid stuff.... oh and Joe's work shoes. Yeah its quite the conglomeration, but when you have no where else to put things....

My point is, the arrival of our new addition is really making it harder to figure out where to put things. Her closet used to be where I kept all my shoes and purses and workout stuff. Those items have been dispersed throughout the house, and that closet is now filled with all new baby stuff. I really needed to put her bath stuff in the guest bath, but there just wasn't any room in there. So we headed to Walmart to get a new cabinet for the wall above the toilet. After moving my things from under the sink to the new cabinet, I now had that space to put all of her soaps, lotions, towels and washrags. One thing lead to another and I was cleaning out the drawers and under the sink in both bathrooms, the cabinets in my dresser and drawers in our nightstands, along with all of the cabinets in the laundry room. It was quite the project and it took me all weekend! But now it's done and somehow, after getting rid of alot of unnecessary crap, we have a little more space for things.

Apparently I haven't thrown away any pills or meds for atleast 6 years. After cleaning out the medicine cabinet, I had half of our kitchen island covered with expired pills and other medications, dating back to 1993. I wasn't exactly sure of the proper way to dispose of these (probably why I had been putting this off for so long), so Joe and I peeled all of the labels off of the containers dumped all of the pills in a huge cup, and threw the containers in the recycle bin. We then flushed all of the pills down the toilet. It took about 6 dumpings/flushes to get rid of them all. It seemed like the best way to handle it. I probably should have tried to sell some of them on the black market... I could have made some extra cash. How much do you think people would pay for expired vicodin and percocet?

While doing this, I was also finishing up all of the rest of the little munchkin's laundry. I got all of her diapers in last week, and the cloth inserts, which are made partly of hemp, needed to be washed six times before use. Washing them makes the materials more absorbant and if you don't, they could leak. Her laundry took pretty much all day.

By the end of the day, my feet were swollen. Huge, swollen and in alot of pain. You don't realize how big and heavy this baby gets in your belly after being on your feet all day. I feel so sorry for pregnant woman with a job like that. It must be miserable!

We did take a break to see a movie. We originally set out to see Funny People, but that was before realizing how long it was. When you are not pregnant, it doesn't matter as much, but I am, so... we ended up seeing Hangover. It was hilarious.

Sunday I went to Joe's brother's wife's baby shower (my sister-in-law). Heather's due date is about 2 weeks before mine. Which means she was having her shower only 3 weeks before her due date! It's pretty cool that we are having 3 babies so close together in our family. I hadn't mentioned this before, but Joe's sister Jennifer didn't show up to my shower, and on Sunday she didn't show up Heather's. She didn't even call to give an excuse as to why she couldn't come. It wouldn't have bothered me that badly (plenty of others did the same thing), except last June I actually threw Jennifer's baby shower for her. Planned the whole damn thing and spent alot of time and money on it. Jennifer's 12 year old daughter, Maddie and Heather helped as well, but I did most of the work. Being new to the family, I wondered why no one else wanted to throw her shower for her, and why this responsibility had some how fallen in my lap. I had become pretty close with her daughter, Maddie, so when she asked for my help, it was impossible to say no to her. I felt terrible that this little 12 year old was trying to figure out how to have a shower for her mom and couldn't get any help from the rest of the family. Now I know why. I wasn't upset that she hadn't gotten us a gift, but I admit I am really pissed off that she pulled a no show without even a phone call or explanation. I was also sad that she didn't bring Maddie, who I really wanted there and I know would have liked to have been. It made me feel like crap. And it clearly shows how much family and our friendship meant to her. As Joe said, now I know why no one else does anything for her and I won't feel bad not doing anything for her in the future.

Which brings me to another thought.... why the hell do people not rsvp anymore?! How hard is it to say whether you are coming or not? Do you not think that someone hosting a party needs a head count for food and drinks? If you are invited to a party... whether you can go or not... for the love of all that is holy.... please just f-ing RSVP!!!

Okay... I am sorry I went off on an unintended tangent there... but I do feel better getting it off my chest.

Tonight I am attending another Le Leche League meeting. I have been reading alot this week about breastfeeding and I am starting to feel alot less intimidated with the whole idea. I have had so many people I know try and fail, but armed with some information, I am feeling much more confident. Infact, I am now very excited about having the opportunity to experience it with my daughter. I know that will mean more sacrifice on my part, but it feels like the right choice for us and I can't see myself doing it any other way.

I am a bit all over the place today... thank you for hanging in there as I sort through my thoughts and unload some things. I have been keeping up with everyone's else's blogs this week and am going to try to stay on top of my own. That would probably help cut down on one's like this that end up in all directions.

I hope everyone is having a great week!


Little T said...

You flushed the goods without so much as a phone call to a friend? I am sad...

My friend Rachel has a new thought on RSVP. She recently had a wedding shower and the guests that did not RSVP or did say they were coming and did not will not be invited to her wedding. I would imagine they will also miss out on subsequent showers for babies and such as well. I do believe I will steal her idea. Who wants to call rude people to ask if they are coming to your wedding? "Yes, (insert jerks name here) will you be in need of a $40 dinner and chair at my wedding reception or would you prefer to stand and starve?"

inkOBSESSIONdesigns said...

I have had a lot of people comment about the lack of RSVP's lately. I don't know why that is. You would think with emails, text messages, etc. that it would be easier to RSVP these days. I guess not! :(

Gina said...

Okay, I SWEAR I told you that day that I was coming to Amy's shower! Remember? I told you how cute the invites were and that I needed to get to Babies R Us? (Although now I think I am going to try to find her a gift in LA!) Anyway, I totally need to clean out my drawers and cabinets. Maybe I should get knocked up just for the nesting instinct!!! You'll do great with breastfeeding, too. I know I'll try again next time! Maybe I'll make it longer than 5 months! :)

Jillian said...

Ryan's sister is the same way!! She went to a cardinals game instead of going to my shower and no gift!! oh well, what r u going to do right? the RSVP thing makes me mad too that is why i like regrets only for my invites!! For some reason people will call to say they aren't coming!!