Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Insanity may bring scattered thoughts, but it's my scattered thoughts that keep me sane." ~ Author Unknown

The temperatures are in the 80's this week!!  I think this is about the most exciting thing to happen to me in quite some time.  I was seriously about to lose my marbles.  I am so not a hot temp type of gal.   If I am working out, I want to sweat.  If I am just sitting at my desk, and sweat is dripping down my back, something is not right.  Plus, I work in a really old building that isn't well insulated.  I haven't worn anything other then a tank top and shorts to work in weeks.  Honestly, I think the 80's are even too warm (I prefer the 70's), but when it has been right around 100 degrees for weeks, the 80's are feeling pretty amazing.    It's actually supposed to be a high of 77 tomorrow!!

I have a date with my girl Brenda tomorrow evening. We are meeting up for some wine and sushi (my favorite dinner combo), and I am hoping it's nice enough to sit outside!  I could use some sun on my face and wind in my hair.  And sushi in my belly.  And wine in my belly.

I am already looking forward to fall.   The crisp, cool air.  The leaves changing.  The munchkin's birthday.  Halloween.   Thanksgiving.  It is my favorite time of year by far.  Ofcourse, after going through a cold winter, I will change my mind and say that spring is my favorite.   I am pretty sure it's fall though.

My sisters and I saw Crazy, Stupid, Love last week.  I really enjoyed it.  Especially the parts where Ryan Gosling took his shirt off.  Sigh.  Sigh again.

About five years ago, we bought a white vinyl picnic table at a garage sale for $15.00.  When we moved, we gave it away to a friend and asked them to return it back to us if they ever decided they didn't want it anymore.  Last Thursday, they informed me they were returning it if we wanted it back.  Having no where to put it, I immediately listed it on Craig's list and it was picked up and sold for $150.00 by Sunday night!  Now that's a good investment!  It couldn't have come at a better time either, with all the extra expenses last month, between the wedding and the 2 float trips, our budget was all outta whack and my grocery fund was seriously suffering.   I kinda freak out when I don't have enough money for groceries!

Regarding our switch to a new sitter this week, I clearly worried over nothing.  The munchkin handles change pretty well.  Better then me, obviously.  I went to pick her up from her new sitter's house yesterday.  I found them all playing in the back yard when I arrived.  She took one look at me and literally started running the other way towards the swing set.  I went to pick her up and give her a hug and she started crying, saying "I don't want it!".  Meaning she didn't want to leave, she wanted to stay and play!  Trisha informed me they had only been outside for about 15 minutes.  She had woken up from her nap and had just finished up her snack when they went out.  It's been so hot out lately that we haven't had much outdoor play time.  It was in the 80's yesterday so Trisha took advantage of the nice weather and took them all outdoors.

She also informed me that the munchkin had done amazingly well adjusting on her first day.  She went down for her nap without any fuss at all and slept for 2.5 hours!  She played really well with the other children and had had a great day!  I was so relieved.  It's not like I expected things to go horribly, but I just had no idea what to expect really.  On the way to her house this morning, the munchkin kept saying "Trishy's house!  Trishy's house!" over and over again.  I am taking that as a good sign.  Hopefully it will just continue to go well.  I know she is going to be so happy to see Stacy when we go visit her and when she eventually returns, but atleast she is in good hands in the meantime.

Joe has been on a break from school between summer classes and fall.  It's only 3 weeks and I am trying to relish it.  I love having him home every evening.  He still has to go downstairs to his office and do some of his paperwork for work, but since he's not in school, he gets to spend more time upstairs with us.  Plus I have more help around the house, and that's always much appreciated.

It's nice because we can do more stuff as a family and he gets to hang out with the munchkin more and witness some of her antics.  Case in point: On our way to the store yesterday evening, she picked up a little stuffed dog that was in the car and said, "hold it mommy".  I took the dog from her, she then said, "kiss it mommy", so I gave the dog a kiss.  Then she said, "kiss it daddy", so I reached the dog towards Joe, so he could give it a kiss.  She got the biggest smile on her face, and said (super excitedly), "Thank you Daddy!!".  To us, it was really cute because we are having more and more "conversations" with her as her speech develops.  She gets really excited that she can tell us things and express things to us that we can understand more and interact with us more verbally.  She loves walking around and pointing to things and saying what they are.  "Clouds!" "Sky!" "Bird!"  It's pretty funny.  This really is such a fun age!

All in all, I can't complain too much right now.


Lil' Woman said...

I can't wait for fall either. I'm much more a jeans, boots, and hoodie type of gal than shorts and flip flops.

Score for making a profit on the picnic table and yay for the munchkin for having a good first day :)

Gina said...

Happy you're happy.

And fall is definitely my fave. :) We should hit up the pumpkin patch together this year!