Monday, August 8, 2011

"Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts". ~ Arnold Bennett

The munchkin is starting at a new sitter today. Her name is Trisha.  It's only for 6 weeks (more or less) while her regular sitter takes a maternity leave.  I am so nervous about it!!  I didn't realize just how nervous I was until this morning when I left the house and said goodbye to her.  Joe will be taking her over there and I will be picking her up.  Our usual routine.  I know I shouldn't be nervous.

I really like the girl that is going to be watching her.  I met her years ago through mutual friends, and even the first night I met her, she talked about how she ran a daycare from her home.  It was really obvious how much she loved it and how much she loved little kids.  She was never an option before, because she lived too far away, but last year she moved right about the same time as us and it takes about 4 minutes to drive to her house from ours!  I called her up months ago and asked her if she would watch her while Stacy was on maternity leave. I was so relieved when she said she would love to.

We went over there yesterday to hang out for a while and visit with her.  She showed us around, we hung out, the munchkin checked out her toys.  I love that she has lots of stuff for the kids to do and that she does so many arts and craft projects and structured activities for learning and development.  She fills out a notebook each day letting me know what all they did and how everything went. (I think this is especially cool.  I really miss her during the day and wonder what she's doing.  I am kinda excited about the updates.)  All the kids eat around the same time and all take naps together.  There are a couple of little girls there pretty much the same exact age as her, so I am sure she will have fun playing with them.

So why am I so freaking nervous about it?  She has been going to Stacy, our regular sitter, since she was 6 months old and she absolutely adores her.  She also adores her husband and their little (almost) 3 year old boy, Grayson, who she plays with all day long.  I think that might be why I am so nervous.  They are like a second little family to her, and Stacy doesn't watch any other children besides the munchkin and her son.  Trisha, our new sitter, watches 8-10 kids depending on the day.

As an aside, can you imagine watching 8-10 kids all by yourself every day?!  I think I would rip every single hair out of my head.

She may end up loving the new environment and playing with all the other kids.  It's just a different situation, and will take some adjustment for sure.

This morning while her and I were sitting at the kitchen table eating our breakfast, I asked her if she had fun playing with Trisha and all of her toys yesterday.  She replied, "yes" with a big smile on her face.  I then asked if she wanted to go over to play with her again today and she said, simply, "no".   Ruh Roh.

I kissed her a million times before I left the house and told her to have lots of fun playing at Trisha's.

Joe called me after he dropped her off and told me that things went pretty well.  She was nervous at first, giving his leg the death grip.  I think all the new kids made her nervous.  Joe told her to say hi to the other kids, so she waved at them all and shyly said "hi".  Then she went over to a little one year old boy and started handing him toys and talking to him (she loves younger kids).

So far so good.  I am looking forward to picking her up today and getting a better gauge of how she does.  I bet she will be exhausted.


Last night, Joe and I were sitting at the table with her and we were all playing with this little activity set. She had gotten her foot stuck between the slats of the back of the chair and started crying and freaking out, yelling, "Foot stuck! Foot stuck!"  Joe held her still while I took her foot and slid it back down to the wider area and slid her foot out.  She promptly turned to each of us and said in a very serious voice, "Thank you mommy.  Thank you daddy."  That little chick really cracks me up.

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