Sunday, June 5, 2011

Michigan Trip - Day 1 and 2

We have arrived in Michigan!  The trip down here wasn't near as bad as I thought it would be.  The munchkin handled it like a champ.  I never even handed her any toys, nor did she watch any tv, she just chilled with us and listened to whatever music we played over the stereo.  She even tried to sing along with the music.  It was pretty funny.... and a big relief that she didn't mind being in the car for nine hours.

We stopped about halfway at a little park.  We had lunch and let the kiddos play on the playground so they could burn off some energy before having to get back into the car again.

Once we finally made it to the house, we were definitely happy to get out of the car and be done with driving.  The house was really nice.

Amy and I went to the grocery store and picked up some food for dinner and breakfast the next morning.  We grilled some cheeseburgers, steamed some broccoli and baked some french fries.  The girls loved running around the house and exploring.  They were so exhausted, that they both went to bed as soon as we put them down.

After the kiddos went to sleep, the boys went out for some beer and firewood.  We sat around the firepit, had a few drinks, relaxed and visited.  It was a really great end to a very long day.

The munchkin slept in until almost 10:00!  Her cousin on the other hand, was up at 7am, due to Amy and Jeremy's alarm clock going off randomly and blasting rap music.  I heard Q crying and it woke me up, so I couldn't go back to sleep, but atleast I could lay in the bed until 10.  We made a big breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast, had some coffee and then we were ready to head out.

We walked down to the boardwalk and followed it along the channel until it made it's way to Lake Michigan.

The weather here today is absolutely perfect.  It's in the 70's and the breeze off the water feels great.  We found our way down to the pier and followed it out into the lake.  The views were spectacular!

The sand on the beach is so soft under your feet.  The water is a bit cold, but I'm sure after sitting out in the sun long enough, it would feel great.  We are going to test that theory when we head back tomorrow morning.

The munchkin wanted to swim so bad!  She kept trying to dive into the water and Joe would have to pull her back.  She is going to be so happy tomorrow morning when we get her into her suit and let her splash around.

After walking about 4 or 5 miles, the girls started getting pretty tired and you could tell they were definitely ready for naps.  We came back to the house, I gave the munchkin some lunch and put her down for a nap.

After the girls wake up, we are going to head downtown to eat at the Kirby Grill.  I am excited about trying their grassfed sirloin steak!  After dinner, we will check out the shops and stores and whatever else is going on.  Then we'll head back to the house to put the girls to bed and hang out.  I am so glad we chose a house that is nice to hang out in after we put the kiddos to bed, since we obviously can't really go out and do anything.

So far we are having a blast!

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Lil' Woman said...

Looks like a fun trip...the girls are adorable! :)