Thursday, June 9, 2011

Michigan Trip - Day 5

We got a late start this morning.  We were all perfectly fine with it too.  Something about vacation makes me want to sleep in and take your time.  So unlike how I am in my every day life.  Luckily we were all on the same page.  By the time we headed out, we realized it was only an hour before the girls would need lunch and their nap.  Luckily we were only headed to a playground to let the girls run around and have some fun.  This was not just your typical playground, however.  This was a 10,000 square foot wooden playground, made up of mazes, tunnels, swings, tire climbs and much more.  The girls were in heaven.  I was in heaven watching them have so much fun.

We stayed for there for longer then we expected.  There was so much for them to explore and by the time we were ready to leave, the munchkin was not happy about.  In fact, she threw in all out fit, something she rarely does, so we knew she was pretty pissed off.  That, and the fact she was hungry and tired, made it even worse.  We came home, made her some lunch and she immediately passed out.  While the men held down the fort, Amy and I decided to head to the downtown area to check out the stores and do a little shopping.  I bought the munchkin an awesome wooden puzzle with numbers that also made sounds and said the number when you put it in it's place.  I knew she would love it, she's been so into puzzles lately (and she did).  We headed to another store to pick up some groceries and a pool for the girls to play in in the backyard.

We checked out a few more shops.  One of the shops carried a bunch of different surf clothes and shoes, including sandals.  Amy fell in love with a pair of Sanuks that were so friggin cute.  She wanted them bad, but knew she shouldn't spend that much money on a pair of sandals.  After much consideration, she talked herself out of it.  We then entered a store called Buffalo Bob's General Store. It didn't take me long to find the cutest dress I have ever seen (in a really long time anyway).  I fell inlove with it immediately.  I wanted it SOOOOO bad.  I usually don't freak out about dresses.  I have a price range in my mind normally and if it goes much above it, I generally dismiss it without looking back.  This dress was different though.  I seriously wanted it bad.  I tried it on.  Twice.  I put it back on the rack.  Took it back off.  Then put it back on.  I told Amy that no one was going to buy the last one (there was only one in my size) by tomorrow and I would have some time to think about it and talk to Joe.  I left the store thinking I would never see it again.

After we got back, the girls woke up shortly after and we set up the pool for them.  They had a blast.

While they were still playing we started on dinner.  Tonight was taco night.  We whipped up the most amazing guacamole and tacos.  I had a taco salad.

After dinner we (and a couple of drinks) we had a mini photo shoot.

After the girls went to bed, I decided to look up the dress I had found earlier online and it was actually even more at the website.  I tried to forget about it, but later on in the evening (after having several drinks) the subject of the dress and Amy's sandals, somehow came up and surprisingly Joe and Jeremy were both fine with us buying them.  Woo Hoo!!! So tomorrow morning, we are heading up there first thing to get them.  Yay!!!!  First we are going to check out a little breakfast place down the street, then we will head down to find my dress and Amy's sandals.  They better still be there!!


Lil' Woman said... the photo girls are too cute! :)

Gina said...

I have been reading your vacation posts but on my phone so I haven't been able to comment. I love reading them though! :) I miss you and when you get back, let's plan a playdate (and if you REALLY want to take pictures, maybe you can twist my arm, wink wink). The photo of the munchkin with the blowup ring around her face MUST be framed. Also, I meant to tell you that I am proud of you for indulging in a little ice cream that you described on the other post. ;)