Sunday, June 5, 2011

Michigan Trip - Day 2 Continued

We headed up to the Kirby Grill after the girls woke up and we all got ready.  It was some pretty good food, but definitely way over priced.  The food took quite a while to come out, luckily they gave the girls some crayons and paper to keep them busy for a while.

I ordered my grassfed sirloin medium rare and it came out medium well.   I hate having to send a steak back, but with those prices, there was no way I was going to eat it as is.  The second one was perfect and really good.  I was really impressed with their kids menu.  It wasn't the usual mac n cheese and chicken strips, although they did have those too, but they also had things like petite sirloin and grilled mahi mahi.  We went with the mahi mahi for both girls.  The munchkin ate half of hers, but what she really loved was my steak so she shared some of that with me.  She wasn't a big fan of her brussel sprouts but they weren't cooked very long and hard for her to chew. 

After dinner we let the girls run around outside and check out the sidewalk artwork.

They also did a little window shopping.

I wanted to steal this little chair planter so bad!

We then headed to Sweet Temptations, an ice cream and sweets shop.  Me and Ayla shared a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  I haven't given her a whole lot of sugar yet, and this was actually the first ice cream she's ever had, other then when I make homemade ice cream with stevia.  She seemed to like it.  The weird thing is, I actually really prefer the homemade kind.  Honestly though, I think this place just didn't have that great of ice cream.  Joe disagreed.

The ice cream shop is in a strip mall, and other then them, the rest of the place seemed pretty deserted.  All of the other places were for lease and empty.  They had fun running around in the street since no one else was around.   The munchkin took her uncle Jeremy's hand to head back to the car.  It was so sweet.

Before we went back inside the house, we walked over to the little park 2 houses down from us.  There is a little playground there and some train tracks.

We've been warned that a train rolls through around 3:30 am and actually shakes the house.  We aren't sure which night yet, but I am not really looking forward to finding out.

After we got back, the girls went right to bed again.  Vacationing really wears them out!  We are going to relax and watch a movie while Jeremy does some work.  Tomorrow morning we are heading out early to go to the beach, where I can hopefully get some sun on this pasty white body and do a little swimming.  Our first full day here is already over.  I know the rest of the week is going to fly by, it always does when you are vacation, but hopefully we can take it slow and soak it up!

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