Monday, June 13, 2011

Michigan Trip - Day 6 & 7

Thursday was our last full day in Grand Haven.  The weather was really cooling off and it was pretty cloudy in the morning, although it cleared up and warmed up the second half of the day.  I'd like to say we went out with a bang and did something really exciting on our last day, but that didn't really happen.  It was nice and relaxing though.  We woke up and headed to the Morning Star Cafe.  It was a cute little restaurant, only open for breakfast and lunch.  It had a southwestern theme and lots of bright colors and cutesy decorations all over the place.  It wasn't easy keeping the kids under control.  They were hungry and clearly had no desire to sit still.  They had already been out to eat more times this week then they were used to and they were over it.  We had our waiter track down some crackers and that seemed to calm them down a little.  The highlight of the restaurant was definitely what I ate.  I ordered the Bacado, which is an omelette with bacon, avocado, cilantro & jack cheese.  You can bet I am going to be making this combo again at home.  It was friggin delish!!  Loved this place.   They definitely have some really good restaurants in Grand Haven.  Some of them were surprisingly progressive, which was awesome.

After breakfast we headed to the shops to pick up my dress and Amy's shoes.  We were pretty excited!  I was relieved the last one in my size was still on the rack.  Definitely my favorite souvenir from the trip.  After we got back, we fed the girls some lunch and laid them down for a nap.  I took a little nap myself, which I really needed after the extra drinking we had done the night before.  After nap time, we decided to go on a big family trip to Meijir.  If you are not familiar with this huge chain store (they don't have them by my hometown), they are kinda like a mix between a Walmart and a Target.  Or as Joe said, they are to Costco, what Walmart is to Sam's.  Pretty much anything you might need, and even more stuff you don't need.  They even had a nice selection of organic foods.  AND we found a little toddler sized pillow (it was actually a travel pillow). We had been looking for one for the munchkin for a while now.  She was pretty excited to upgrade to her "big girl" pillow, from the tiny decorative one she had been using that came with her bedding set.

After we got back everyone wanted pizza for dinner.  Well everyone but me.... I had to be difficult ofcourse.  So when the boys headed out to pick up the pizza, I had them swing by the Kirby Grill (the place we ate at earlier in the week) to pick up a to go order for me.  I had been eye balling the Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps when we were there before and they sounded so good.  Some Bibb lettuce, red and orange pepper strips, carrots, cucumbers and chunks of thai marinated grilled organic chicken. They give you everything separate so you can build it as you like then they give you cups of peanut sauce and spicy red chili dipping sauces.  Oh they were good.  It was so worth it....  I wasn't even a tiny bit jealous of the pizza.  The girls had leftover taco meat with avocadoes and tomatoes.  It was quite the hodge podge.

The rest of the evening was spent packing and getting everything ready to leave the next day.  And ofcourse we had to watch So You Think You Can Dance.  I am such a sucker for that show.

Friday, we packed up early and headed home.  I was in such a frenzy to get everything ready and get out the door (thanks Amy and Jeremy!), that I forgot a ton of food in the refrigerator.  I was so bummed!  I left my reusable water bottle and some glass storage dishes.  I also left about $40-50 worth of food too.  Tons of lunch meat and cheeses, fruits and other misc. items.  We stopped halfway for lunch at a park and that's when we realized we had left it all behind.  I had nothing to eat and I was starving!  Not to mention a little stressed out from rushing around so much that morning. I was tired, I was a little crabby, the munchkin was a little crabby and opening up the cooler and finding so much stuff missing did not help at all.  Luckily the munchkin's lunch was in there, even though she was too crabby and preoccupied to eat it all anyway.  It was definitely time to go home.  I think we were all a little Michiganed out.

Note: I am sure Amy and Jeremy were equally aggravated with having to wait on us.  Clearly we just have different traveling styles.

It's really not a bad drive though and we made it home by dinner time.  We got everything unloaded and unpacked and put back to normal pretty quickly.  We were exhausted and all crashed pretty early.

I was sad the trip was over, but also really happy to get back home.  It was so awesome getting to spend so much extra time with my sister and her little family.  I loved getting to see so much of Q... she's insanely adorable.  And with me and my sister's work schedules being so different, it was really great to get to spend the extra time with her.  It was also just nice to get out of town, to not have to go to work for a while, and to not have the endless list of "things to do" to deal with.  Ofcourse, I loved the extra time with my hubby too and I was really happy for him to not have to to deal with work or school for an entire week.  The best part of all though, was getting to spend every day, all day with the munchkin.  I am definitely going to miss that.

We had a pretty busy rest of the weekend at home.  Saturday was my cousin's graduation party out at my aunt and uncle's property in Innsbrook.  They have a fantastic little 3 bedroom A Frame cabin tucked into the woods.  They are on a lake with a sandy beach and dock.  The munchkin had fun swimming and riding on the boat.  I wish I hadn't forgotten my camera at home!  That night after we got back and I put the munchkin down for bed, I went to the yearly picnic at my gradeschool with my friend Sarah, who also went to school there.  We ran into a couple of old friends and mostly hung out in the beer garden and listened to the band play.  It was fun.... again, I drank more then I needed to.  I am looking forward to having some time off without any alcohol.  My body just isn't used to it.

The rest of the weekend was lots of catching up, grocery shopping and getting everything ready to go back to work and back to the grind.  I am actually looking forward to returning to work.  I am also getting a new computer this week... Yay!!

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Gina said...

Oh darn! I missed the picnic again. Next year, you gotta remind me! Glad your trip was so much fun, forgotten lunch and all.