Sunday, June 21, 2009

Celebrating Joe's Birthday and Father's Day!

What a great weekend!

Friday night, I cleaned the house while Joe cleaned out our garage. For the first time ever, since we moved into our house 3 years ago, every area of our home is cleaned and organized, including the basement and garage! I have been cleaning out closets and cabinets, drawers and anything else I can find that needs some help. I am definitely nesting. For some reason, I have this feeling that the house is going to be a mess for a while, once the little munchkin arrives, so I have been trying really hard to get everything cleaned and organized before-hand, in hopes that might hold us over for a while. Plus it just makes me feel better... like I am a little more prepared or something.

Still no baby bedding though... it's going on 7 weeks since I placed the order! It said it would take a maximum of 8 weeks, so hopefully it won't go any longer then that. We are waiting on the bedding to do everything else, and we really want to start painting!

Saturday Joe mowed the lawn and did some other stuff outside while I finished up some things inside. Some laundry to do, and some food to make. We had dinner reservations at Kitaro, our local hibachi grill and sushi joint, and then we were having some friends back at our house for dessert and drinks.

Here's the view from our hibachi table looking over at my sisters and their husbands and Michele.

And here we are... all starving waiting for our food! On the far left is Katie and Randyn (Randyn's new lady, who I have gotten to know and who is adorable!), then Jon, then Toni and ofcourse me and Joe, the cute birthday boy. Joe's good friend Justin and his wife, Kim (on the far right) are pregnant as well. Kim is about 2.5 months ahead of me. She is due any day! But she loves Kitaro... so they couldn't pass it up.

Me and my girl Toni... I love this lady!

Toni, my fellow sushi fanatic, and I only ordered sushi for dinner. And we got a ton! I didn't regret my decision one bit. I think I could eat sushi every day and be completely fine with that. I look forward to my beloved tuna rolls once I am no longer pregnant. I don't order anything with raw fish in it right now. It's still delicious, but I definitely miss my favorite rolls, which include tuna and salmon. Joe went crazy for his birthday... and I'm glad since we don't eat out much anymore. He ordered the hibach meal with the New York strip steak. This comes with soup, salad, shrimp, rice, noodles, veggies and steak. And ofcourse, he ordered a spicy yellowtail tuna roll just to make me jealous. And no, he was not able to eat all of his food. No one really could... those hibachi meals are way too much.

After dinner, we went back to our house. Here's a pic of me and Kim's bellies. Kim is such a shorty and her belly has dropped, so mine could pretty much sit right on top of hers.

Here's me and my sis Amy! She is really starting to look pregnant now (she's about 7 weeks behind me). Yay!

I really wish I had taken a picture of the cake Amy made for Joe's birthday. It was so good and so HUGE! It had 3 different sections... all the same insides but different choices of topping. She had asked Joe ahead of time and he picked them out. We had butterfinger, Rolos or Heath to choose from. It was so delicious... and dangerous... I had one small piece, but it wasn't easy!

We had 3 pregnant girls at dinner and then a 4th one joined us back at our house. I felt bad for Toni... for a while at my house she was the only non-pregnant woman there. How often does that happen? Luckily more girls showed up and she was no longer alone.

We had a good time though, and Joe was given some pretty cool stuff for his birthday. He got a gift certificate for a round of golf and a cart at one of his favorite courses, a hedge trimmer (he has been wanting one of these forever), and a bottle of Crown Royal. He was pretty excited about it all.

Sunday morning, I gave Joe his first father's day present from our baby. Amy found this poem online, we changed the words around to fit the father-to-be's favorite sports teams and I put them together with the baby's pictures and a cute little design and then we put them in frames. Here's the one I made for Joe. I think he liked it.

In the afternoon, we went over to my parent's house for a bbq to celebrate father's day. It was a full house! My parents, along with my mom's parents and her brother and his family were there, us three sister's and our families, and Amy's husband even brought along his dad, sister and niece, as they were in town from Indiana. It was crazy, but alot of fun.

So we had a great Father's day. I can't wait till next year, when all the little kids are running (or crawling) around. I am really excited to see Joe as a father. I know he is going to be amazing.

I hope everyone else had a great Father's day!

Update: A few minutes after I posted this blog... my husband called and Kim is in the hospital. She had a doctor's appointment today and they decided to go ahead and induce her! Yay!! So we will probably be heading up to the hospital tonight to see them and hopefully meeting their new baby girl!


Gina said...

Sounds like a great time! Hopefully on the next Kitaro extravaganza, all four grandparents will not be so rude to make their own plans so we have a sitter!!!!

Anrazel said...

You little nester you! The house will be just perfect for the little one. I'm already planning to come over and help with some of that cleaning you are worried about not being able to do once she is here, so don't worry to much about that!
I'm glad you guys had a good father's day. You're right, next year will be even more fun!

Brittany Ann said...

Looking gorgeous! You are one pretty pregnant lady! (Happy Father's Day to your hubs!)

Little T said...

I had a blast on Saturday. Happy Birthday to Joe! You were always a little nester at heart, now there is just a bigger reason for it. I am so excited to see the room all put together! Hurry up and get here BBS!