Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I could really use a nap!

Today is a little rough. But last night was worse.

My first mistake was making Turkey Chili for dinner. Yes I know this already sounds bad given my battle with acid reflux as of late, but its a really mild recipe and I had some last week without any problems at all. Plus with my new medicine, things have been much better. I guess it's gotten worse cuz I spent most of the night last night sitting straight up on the couch in the dark crying. I was being a big baby about it too... but it really hurt bad. Joe came home from his softball game to me sitting up on the couch tears streaming down my face. He tried to help me get more comfortable, but there really wasn't much he could do. No more turkey chili for me. Which is a bummer cuz its easy, cheap and makes great leftovers for lunch.

I went in for my 3 hour glucose test yesterday morning. That was alot of fun. I didn't have anything to eat after dinner the night before and once I woke up I couldn't have any food or drinks at all. I arrived at the ob office around 9:00. At 9:15 they drew blood. Then I had to drink this really really sugary nasty bottle of liquid. The wanted me to wait in the office for 1 hour until they drew my blood again incase I got dizzy or sick from the drink. I still couldn't eat any food, but I was now allowed to drink water. At 10:15 they drew my blood again. This time I was able to leave as long as I was back in time for the next round. My sister Erin's new house just so happens to be right down the street from my doctor's office so I popped in over there for visit. I had my blood drawn again at 11:15 and then again at 12:15. By this time I was so hungry, I could have started gnawing on my arm. I picked up some lunch on the way to work and scarfed it down as soon as I got there. About 10 minutes later, I started to get really dizzy like I was going to faint and then I felt like I might throw up. After about an hour, that passed and I started to feel better. The whole ordeal really exhausted me for some reason.

So after that, and after getting hardly any sleep last night, I am pretty much useless today. I fully intend to go home directly after work and take a nice long nap.

I am going to stop bitching now and move on to better topics.

I did call the doctor's office this morning for my results and everything came back normal. Yay! They were testing for gestational diabetes and I was really not looking forward to being diagnosed with it. Erin had it with her last pregnancy and you really have to be on a super strict diet, plus theres a pretty good chance that if you are diagnosed with it during pregnancy you will go on to be diagnosed with diabetes later in life. But after failing the initial test, I was not feeling to good about this one. I was extremely relieved when I got the good news!

Sonic is giving away free root beer floats tonight and me and Joe decided that if I passed the test we were going to celebrate by stopping in and getting some. Mmmmm.

Some of my nursery bedding is arriving today! Well, just the three pictures that hang on the wall, but atleast we will be able to see the colors in person and can even use those to pick out our paint colors for the wall.

My sister Amy, who is also pregnant, found out yesterday that she is having a girl as well. I am so excited! They are only going to be 7 or so weeks apart (if we deliver near our due dates), and they will be together all the time. I thought they would have more fun together if they were the same sex. Ofcourse they would still have had a great time if they were having a boy too, but I am definitely not disappointed its a girl! It's now becoming a joke amongst our family that my dad will never have any little boys in the family. My parents had all 3 girls and so far Erin has had 2 girls and now Amy and I are each having a girl. I think its funny. Hopefully we'll eventually have atleast one boy. He'll definitely be outnumbered though.

The little munchkin is moving around all the time now! Sometimes it can get a little uncomfortable, but most of the time it just surprises me. Sometimes it even tickles and I will just start laughing out loud. I probably seem crazy to others when I do that. I never thought you could be tickled from the inside!

So even though it has been a little rough, I am trying to stay positive... obviously it could be alot worse. I am sure if I could get a good nights sleep I would be feeling much better. So wish me luck tonight!


Gina said...

I used to cry from my reflux too. I am so sorry. :( But thank goodness your test came back normal. The same thing happened to my SIL, and she did have gestational diabetes with her first baby! You'd think by 2009 they could make a more accurate test.

Free root beer floats, huh? Hmmm. After the day I've had, I think I deserve one. Maybe we'll see you there!!!

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

I remember that test, it sucked! Sorry it was so yucky for you :(

Enjoy your float though, that's a nice little reward - YUM!

Brittany Ann said...

You have every right to a nap! How exhausting! i would totally have passed out with getting all that blood drawn! I'm so glad, though, that the test was negative (and you'll get your root beet float:)

Anrazel said...

I looked at my pregnancy book to see how things were for me at 26 weeks, and I wrote that he had the hiccups! I forgot that it took me a while to figure out that was what was happening in there!
I'm so happy that your test came back less things to have to worry about! I hope you enjoy your nap and your float!

Jillian said...

I am so happy you passed the test!! I was always really worried about having that!! What a relief!!

Littlet T said...

Just the fact that Anna kept a pregnancy checks and balances makes me see why you two are still friends. I love hearing all of the baby updates. I know it is getting harder as you go but think of the reward at the end!

Myshka said...

Oh, babe, glad to know you're okay and that things are progressing just as they should be. HURRRAY! I might send you some of that Willie's chocolate to make you smile. It's hard not to worry though, eh? Esp now. We had our 20-week scan, and everything was perfect.. except.. for them saying that she has one ventricle a tiny bit smaller than the other, so I have to have a re-scan with a specialist. UGH. I think I went mental when I heard that. But hey- like you said. Positive thinking! x