Monday, April 6, 2009

Opening Day and Death to the Lemon!

Today was opening day for the St. Louis Cardinals and although they lost, it was still a good game and we had fun all getting together to watch it. Amy had a great spread of handmade pretzels, hotdogs and nachos. Mmmmmm! Our friend Michele made some chili and Jeremy, my BIL, made some cupcakes. (Why does being pregnant make me want to eat everything? I swear, I normally have much more self control. I just keep saying, "the baby wants it... not me".) Although it is always exciting going to opening day, we were warm inside instead of freezing our butts off at the game downtown. Ofcourse it was in the 60's all last week, and will return that way on Wednesday. The temperature dropped drastically just for the baseball game. Figures.

Here's my sister Amy, holding our youngest sister's newest daughter.

At times, the family room looked more like a cardinals day care.

Michele and Vance!

Me and Aubrey...its so hard to get a picture with her. I had been trying forever.

Love this pic! Alex just starting finding her voice last night and she has been cooing and smiling up a storm lately. Its so adorable.

More kiddos... they were everywhere!

My sister Amy and her husband Jeremy

Me and Gina

So you may remember my car drama that I mentioned a couple blogs back? We ended up taking the highlander over to the dealership. They looked at it and told us they thought the engine would probably need to be rebuilt (a hefty price tag of around $5000), but they wanted to do a couple tests first which we would of course need to pay a couple hundred bucks for. Since we bought the f@*&ing lemon from them only 5 months ago, and already paid $600 to replace part of the computer in December, we asked them if there was anything they would work out for us, as far as what they would give us to just trade it in if we bought a new car. They came back with a very pathetic offer and I was very disappointed. They offered us $3000 less then what we owed on it... $4500 less then what we paid for it 5 months ago. So basically, we could sell them our lemon, and roll $3000 into a brand spanking new car loan that wouldn't be worth near as much as we were buying it for, and thats even before the depreciation of driving it off the lot! I was so upset. And I was really missing my Tiburon about this time. I had that car for 5 years and never had any problems with it!

So then Joe came across an ad for a dealership about 45 minutes from our house. They were offering $6000 over kelly blue book on your trade-in if you bought one of their remaining new 2008 models on 5 different cars to choose from. They wanted to get rid of all the new 08's to make room for the 2010's that were coming in soon. I was only interested in one of the options. The Hyundai Santa Fe. I wanted another suv, and the other choices were 2 cars, a minivan (I'm just not ready to be a soccer mom yet) and the hyundai veracruz (which I love, but they they were way out of our budget). So we drove out there thinking the deal would probably be too good to be true and something wasn't going to pan out like they claimed, but we were desperate and hoped it would at least be better then our other options. We got there and checked things out. They ended up giving us even more then they claimed in the ad for our car! They didn't even ask us any questions about it... didn't even test drive it! We drove home that night, the proud owners of a brand spanking new Santa Fe. And I must say, I love this car. I love how it handles. I love how comfortable it is. I love how it looks. And I love having the bumper to bumper warranty and road side assistance for 100k miles! I couldn't be happier... well I could be if my car payments weren't going up a little, but I'd say under the circumstances we came out of the whole situation much better then I had expected! And now I don't have to worry about that stupid highlander any more. Here's a pic of my new ride....

Exactly two weeks from today is the ultrasound to find out the sex of our baby!! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I am just dying to know. I want to start decorating the nursery and picking stuff out. I feel like knowing the sex, will bring me closer to the baby and to making things more real. I hope the next two weeks don't drag on too slowly!

On a side note, we finally got the chance to watch Slumdog Millionaire Saturday night. If you haven't seen it yet, you really should. I am normally left confused after a movie wins that many awards, beating out other movies that I think were much more deserving. This movie deserved every reward it received. Wow.


Gina said...

Hahaha, I love that we were both desperately trying to get pictures of ourselves and 2-year-olds for FOREVER and have documented proof! I love Santa Fes!!

Anrazel said...

Yeah for your new car! Bummer about the Highlander, but at least things worked out for the best. This is probably the best time to buy a new car, and with the warrenty! Nice. I also cannot wait to know the sex...please call me as soon as you find out!!!!

Jillian said...

I love the new car!! I want an SUV but I have to go back to work before I take on another car payment! And finding out the sex was AWESOME and if you read some of my earlier posts I said the exact same thing you did!! Can't wait to find out!

Badass Geek said...

Car salesmen are jerks. Even if you go in there telling them exactly what you want and exactly what you're willing to pay, they'll still come back with something more expensive.

Elle Charlie said...

Love the pics, cool new car, and yay for finding out the sex of the baby - how exciting!!!