Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Calling all mommies... and anyone who has experience in this area!

I have started the process of trying to figure out the things we will need and registering for my baby showers...

There is soooo much stuff to consider!

I have to admit, its a bit overwhelming. What strollers and car seats to choose... buy them separate, or get the travel system? Which swing, which bouncer.... get a co-sleeper? And what bottles will she prefer? Should I register a couple different kinds, to test out a few?

Here's a few things I picked out so far... maybe some of you mommies can tell me what you think....

Infant Seat




Bumbo Chair

I will be registering my gDiapers and some other things at Babies r Us too. My fiend Anrazel is making me cloth inserts for them so I can use those instead of the disposable inserts. Yay!

I already have a pack 'n play and a highchair so I am good on those. I don't even know where to begin with the stroller and car seat, I am going to have to get some advice from other moms on those.

Anyone have some "must have" suggestions of things I am probably not even thinking of? Some good advice to keep in mind while registering?

My head is spinning!


Jillian said...

Okay, so you should go look at my registry at Babies R Us because my sister went with me (she already has a kid) and that helped a lot! The thing I don't have on there is a swing because I a family member bought it for me so I didn't need to put it on! Register for a bumbo tray, it goes on the bumbo and you can put toys on it for them to play with! I would recommend a travel system because I know a lot of people that has worked for and that is what I got!! I registered for Dr. Brown's bottles, my sister and best friend use those and they love them! I would recommend buying a bottle starter kit, bottle brush, and drying rack. Chico brand strollers are rated really well!! Look at my list and you will see a lot of the necessities and believe me I was told what to register for by other mommies so hopefully it works! Also before I finish this ridiculously long comment, register for a breast pump that has a double pump!!

Anrazel said...

This really is the fun part, believe it or not! It all looks great to me! The swing looks good because the mobile will actually move as the swing does and give the baby something to look at. I wish mine had that. The bouncer is a must! BBZ uses his exersaucer every single day (which is pretty much the same thing). You can borrow my bumbo and tray if you want. It is blue, but BBZ only used it for a short time, so it is like brand new.
The bassinet is an absolute must, especially with breastfeeding. I wanted him right next to me for at least those first few weeks. (It stretched to 8 weeks!) I couldn't breastfeed him in bed though. I don't want to scare you, but I couldn't sit up in bed because of stitches. The truth is, whether you have a c-section or vaginal birth, you are likely coming home with stitches. So I fed him in a chair in our room and it was so nice to have him right there.
I would not register for bottles. Avent are the only bottles that worked for BBZ and we went through a lot before we found those. You won't use a bottle for the first 3 weeks anyway, so the ones you get through samples in the mail will be enough to try at first. Avent is also the ONLY brand that is simply a bottle and a nipple. The rest have lots of pieces and vents and drop-in and lots of confusion.
One must have, pick a great diaper bag. Don't pick one online, go to the store and look at them. It will be your best friend for a long time.
Have fun! Sorry this is so long :)

Gina said...

The girls before me know what they are talking about. (Although I could, and did, breastfeed in bed!) I think the diaper genie/champs are USELESS. We take all of our diapers outside and throw them away in the garage because the diaper champ was still stinky. That infant seat might work for her to sleep in, but L slept in an infant-toddler seat for 5 months because of his reflux. You can borrow ours if you need it. You'll need two diaper bags...one big for several hours away from home and one small for short trips. But if you are anything like me, you'll get sick of each one after a few months anyway, so keep that in mind! Definitely go for the travel system. Ours was Graco and we LOVED it. My breast pump is lent out right now but if I get it back by the time you need it, you can borrow that...but I'll need it back whenever my next baby is born! ;) I am sure I will think of some more things...I'll let you know!

Jillian said...

I read the comment about the bottles and she is right every baby is different when it comes to bottles. The reason I choose Dr. Browns is because if your baby has any kind of reflux (which a lot of babies do) they are made for that. That is why they have so many parts, but they are easier once you learn how to use it!!

Badass Geek said...

I've got no advice, just don't make your husband go to the shower! I just went to my sister's baby shower, and it really REALLY is not an event for men.

Unless there is BBQ and beer.

Anrazel said...

I thought of more! I would not have survived without a boppy pillow and a second cover, for when the other cover is in the wash. BBZ is 7 months old and I still use the boppy every single day.
Also, nursing tank tops! I have 4 and that has been enough for me to wear one every day and keep up with the wash. They are much better than nursing bras because when you pull your shirt up to feed the baby, the tank top part covers your belly so you feel more covered up. The ones from Target are the best that I have found and I bought a size smaller than I thought I needed for added support. I would register for those since you are registering at Target anyway.
Ok, the last thing is cloth breast pads. I liked the disposable ones for when I needed to put nipple cream on (and there are disposable ones that have nipple cream on them already that rock) but I preferred the washable ones for night time to reduce trash. I got 2 sets which were enough to rotate with the wash.
That's it for now, but I'm sure I will think of more!

Gina said...

And pads for the changing table! It's amazing how fast you'll go through those! You'll also use them to set the baby on when she isn't on the table sometimes...