Monday, March 23, 2009

The weekend, my bigger belly and the possible onset of a 70's bush.

The Spring Fling BBQ Friday night went fantastically. We had a big fun group of people and lots of kiddos running around. Tons of food and good conversation. My sister E's hubby even set up all his DJ equipment from the bar he used to own and everyone was dancing and doing some karaoke. The weather was even pretty nice, but we still set up a huge heater in the garage to help keep everyone warm. Out back we had a bonfire, and there was some marshmallow roasting going on. I was glad I already had the crib in the nursery with some bedding. I had two babies take naps there throughout the evening. The rest of the house looked like it had been completely taken over by children. There were toys, car seats, excer-saucers, and other random child-related things strewn all throughout the place. Things have come along way from the parties we were having only a year or two ago. When the only things strewn throughout the house were empty beer cans and passed out friends. We are definitely getting older.

Saturday night we went to a trivia night fundraiser. Its been a long time since I have been to a trivia night. I remembered why I don't go to them. They are way too long and boring. Or maybe I don't like to be reminded about how little I know about trivial facts.

Sunday I spent most of the day reading. I pretty much read the entire book #2 in the Twilight series. It was kinda hard to put it down and I didn't have many other pressing issues to attend to.

So I looked at this weeks belly shot compared to only one week ago... and holy cow! I really did get alot bigger! Joe took this picture on Sunday. I am 16 weeks and 2 days.

I can't believe what a big difference one week can make! I look at pics of other preggo bellies at 16 weeks and I feel like I am huge. I guess everyone was different though. Good thing we've already seen the little nugget on an ultrasound, or I might be wondering if I was having twins. And I can definitely tell. Tonight while shaving my legs, I noticed that it wasn't as easy as usual. It was still do-able (I'm not that big yet), but I can definitely see how things are going to become an issue. And what about trimming up the uh... you-know-what... the va-jay-jay? What do you do once you can't reach down there? Do you just grow out your 70's bush with pride, or do you use a mirror or something to see around things? These are all questions I am beginning to wonder about. I wouldn't mind some opinions from those of you that have already gone through this. I mean, I know it shouldn't be a big deal. Its not like the doctor cares, and if my husband really did, well he better get over it quick, but I still care! Maybe that will change later, but for now this is something I can see becoming a possible issue.

I have a appointment tomorrow with my OB. I am afraid to see how much weight I have gained and wonder if she will say anything to me about it. I mean what else could I possibly expect after 2 months of nothing but sleeping and eating and sitting at my desk at work. I can tell the past 2 weeks have been better, as I have been more energetic and have been getting back into working out, but definitely the damage has been done. I have a tendancy to bloom out from my booty first when I put on weight, and lets just say flowers aren't the only things bloomin'.

I can't wait to hear the heartbeat tomorrow. I still have 4 more weeks till my next ultrasound where we will find out the sex. But for now, its nice to have that little reassurance of the heartbeat.


Brittany Ann said...

You look great! The doc is seriously crazy if he gives you a hard time. I only hope I can be so lucky when I'm preggers!

Gina said...

You are definitely looking preggo, not fat now, but you aren't oddly huge. My computer is broken right now (thank god we have B's in the basement) but when it gets fixed, I'll send you a picture of me at 16 weeks. I was about as big as you. As far as the shaving, I was proud to say that I kept up a clean va-jay-jay my entire pregnancy....thanks to a mirror. I have one of those mirrors that stand alone and it was perfect. An occupational therapist at my work gave me that tip and I have been grateful ever since. I can't believe I am typing this out loud on your blog for the world to see! LOL!

Anrazel said...

I also used a mirror. I must admit that while I kept her nice and trimmed throughout the pregnancy, I completely slacked off after he was born. I don't think she saw anything remotely close to a razor until BBZ was about 2-3 months old. That's not the only things she didn't see if you know what I mean!
As far as the weight, you look great! Your body will gain exactly what it needs to allow that little baby to grow big and healthy. You will lose most of what you gain by breastfeeding and not having time to eat when he/she is little. And you are always able to dedicate yourself to a diet or exercise or whatever when you want to. Right now, just let your body be. You look fabulous!

Vogt family said...

The doctors appointments are the worst, I NEVER look at the scale!! Your belly is growing nicely and I can still see ab muscles in it!! I read the whole twilight series really QUICK!! I think they are just such an easy and fun read! Anyway good luck with everything during this pregnancy, it has gone by fast for me so far!!

Emma Jewel said...

hey girlie - you look terrific! listen to Anrazel, she has it nailed! :)