Friday, March 6, 2009

Pleasure is very seldom found where it is sought. Our brightest blazes are commonly kindled by unexpected sparks. ~Samuel Johnson

Oh what a day! It is absolutely gorgeous outside and it is taking everything I have to not fly out that office door! It is 79 degrees outside, and in the first half of March in St. Louis, that is a wonderful treat indeed. I am sure the sun has given me energy, because I am bouncing off the walls, and after the last few months of feeling more like a zombie, this also feels like a rare treat.

I am also excited about tonight, which adds to my good mood as well. Me and Joe, along with my sister Amy, are taking our niece to the St. Louis Science Center Omnimax to see the Grand Canyon Adventure in 3D. It looks awesome! Here's a link to the website:

But first we are going to head over to me and Amy's old gradeschool to hit up the Fish Fry. I haven't been to one of these in years and we are pretty excited about it. I am no longer a practicing catholic, but I don't think that is any reason why I shouldn't be able to enjoy a good ol' fish fry. I am also curious to visit the gradeschool, as I haven't been inside it for 20+ years or so (that statement just made me feel extremely old). I wonder, will everything seem really tiny since I am so much bigger now?

After the fish fry, we will head downtown to the omnimax to see the show. After that, while we are in the city, we will stop at Ted Drewes for some frozen custard. Any one from St. Louis knows that this is one of the best frozen custard joints in town! You often have to park your car and go wait outside the window in a line for up to an hour, but people still do it... its that good! Its quite a jog from our house though, so it will be yet another rare treat. Yay!

Okay, so I am definitely pregnant. If I wasn't pregnant, there is no way that I would be near as excited as I am about tonight's agenda. I have a feeling that has something to do with me being cooped up in the house for the past few months, not being able to go out for drinks or have sushi (which has actually been harder on me then not drinking, but luckily I found a sushi chef that will prepare it special just for me, but thats another story). Don't get me wrong, I would still be looking forward to it, and would still have fun, but I am down right ecstatic right now!

It feels good to have some energy back, along with some warm sunshine. I hope the rest of the weekend is just as good!

On a side note, there is a freaking mosquito flying around me at my desk. I have tried to kill him, but he is very crafty. He's already bit me. What the hell?!

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