Monday, March 30, 2009

Someone has a case of the Mondays... and all about my exciting weekend.

Ahhh Mondays. Definitely my least favorite day of the week. Mondays suck so bad, they even leak onto Sundays a little, as the inevitable oncoming of Monday can overshadow an otherwise wonderful weekend day. But I am not going to bitch too much about it, I just wanted to vent. Just a little.

It was a pretty great weekend. After we got home from work, Joe and I grabbed Daisy and headed to the park to go for a walk. We decided to venture off the paved path, and take one of the hiking trails into the woods. I have always wanted to check out the trails at this park, but since I am usually there by myself, I just didn't feel it was safe to venture off into the woods alone. It was beautiful. The trails went up and much further into the parks property then I had ever been. I didn't realize the park was so huge. The hiking trail went along a really pretty creak (almost a river), and wound up and down huge hills and over all kinds of mini creaks and other interesting "woodsy" type things. We hiked about 4-5 miles. I few trails we had to put off until later, when I am no longer pregnant, as they seemed way too vertical for me. At one point, we were way up high, overlooking the creek far below, and I was really wishing I had brought my camera. I will have to bring it along as we plan on going alot more. Yay!

After we had worked up quite an appetite, Joe and I finally went to Wendy's to try their new fish sandwich. I am a big fan of fish sandwiches. I love seafood in general, and although a fried fish sandwich from a fast food joint isn't particularly healthy, I still can't resist their deliciousness. I am over McDonald's filet-o-fish. I know they are a bit of a cult classic, but I don't think any type of fish should be perfectly square, and they are a little too greasy for my taste. I really like the Arby's fish sandwich and Burger King's as well. I recently discovered that Joe had never, in his entire life, eaten a fish sandwich. I am not sure how I missed this. He really likes seafood (especially if its fried), so I was really shocked he had missed out on this. I found this out after I was oogling the Wendy's commercial for their new fish sandwich. They had me at Panco bread. So Friday night we decided to finally go and try it. It was fantastic. And Joe seemed to enjoy it just as much as me. I guess he will be eating more fish sandwiches from now on.

After dinner, we picked up a movie. We decided to rent Bill Maher's film Religulous. I thought it was a great documentary. I don't necessarily agree with his point of view on everything. But it was interesting to hear his interviews with people all over the world and to see religion from his point of view. I was raised catholic and went to catholic school K-8th grade. I decided well before I went to public school in HS that Catholicism was not for me. I don't think its wrong, I can't say that the bible is wrong, or that anyone that goes to church is wrong, but I do know that for me, organized religion doesn't feel right. I am not sure what is, or isn't right, but I know that I am a good person and that I believe strongly in Karma. Ever since I have kinda taken on karma as my "religion", I have been a much happier person and have lived a much happier life. I do strongly believe that no matter what you follow, as long as you are a good person and live a good life, that everything will work out in the end. And having that point of view, I was able to enjoy the film. If you are very religious, it will most likely just piss you off.

Saturday I spent most of the day finishing Eclipse, the 3rd book in the Twilight Saga. At first I thought these were books more for young girls. And although they kinda are, I have really enjoyed reading them. They are a quick and easy read and sometimes thats a nice change. I almost wish I had went ahead and watched the movie before I started reading the books. I may have enjoyed it more. But after reading Twilight (the first book was by far my favorite), it made me appreciate the film less. I heard recently that the next book is being made into a movie too, and that will be coming out in November. Even though the books are obviously better (it's kinda hard to cram 500+ pages into a movie), it's still alot of fun to see them portrayed on the big screen.

Saturday night we went over to my sister's house to hang out. Its so much fun having my youngest sister Erin back here with her family (they are temporarily living with Amy, my middle sister). I just love being able to be around my nieces and watching them grow up. It was hard when she lived in Springfield. Even though its only 4 hours from here, we still didn't see them near as often as I would have liked.

And then there was Sunday. I wish I could say I spent Sunday relaxing and sitting around the house. Thats what I wanted to do. But instead, the whole day was spent cleaning up my house, and grocery shopping. I was glad Joe went with me to do the shopping. We went to four different stores! Which sounds crazy, but I thought I would try out the buying-whats-on-sale-at-each-different-store thing and see if it really made much of a difference on our grand total. Before we left, I went through all the ads and made a list of what I needed that was on sale at each store. We went into each store, grabbed what was on the list, then went on to the next. I gotta say, we got a TON of food, way more then usual, and for about the same price as I usually spend just at one store. All the stores were pretty close together, so its not like I spent alot of money on gas either. After having always thought it wasn't really worth the time and effort to do this, I have to admit I was wrong, and I will be using this method from now on. It made a huge difference!

Sunday night Joe baked a cake for me. Is he trying to make me huge?

So now here we are. The weekend is over and its Monday. Atleast the weather is supposed to be gorgeous today and after I get off work, Joe and I are going to go hiking again. Hopefully its not too muddy from the random snow we got over the weekend. Tomorrow I will post a new pic of my belly. I forgot to take one yesterday. Hope everyone has a great Monday!

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Brittany Ann said...

You are so right about Sunday and Monday. Monday tinges Sunday with it's horrible-ness sometimes. I hate that!

I just let my husband know we have to rent the Bill Maher movie. While we are Catholic, we also really enjoy poking fun at religiosity, etc. We always joke that we're sadistic Catholics! We often get a kick out of anti-religious material. (Is it sad to say nothing thrills me more than a good Catholic joke?)

And I'm going to have to try your grocery store idea. I wouldn't have normally been a believer, but hey, you've convinced me it's worth a shot.

Can't wait for a belly pic!