Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My first blogger award - Thanks G!

My friend Gina, who also happens to be one of my very dear friends in real life too (so yeah, she is obviously biased), gave my first blogger award yesterday.

So apparantly, I am to list 7 things I love and then pass on the award to 7 other bloggers that I love. Okay here goes....

1. I love Sushi. This is by far my favorite thing to eat. Before I became pregnant, I was eating sushi 2 or 3 times a week. After I became pregnant, I was told that I could not eat sushi, even if it didn't have raw seafood in it, because of the risk of cross contamination. I tried to stay away, but out of all the things I had to give up (yes including all alcohol), I was having the hardest time with sushi. Me and my sister even made some at home. It was good, but not the same. So I went to my favorite sushi restaurant a couple weeks ago and talked to the sushi chef. He wiped down and sterilized his entire station, along with all of his knives and everything else he used before he made sushi for me without any raw seafood in it (I had crunchy shrimp and a california roll). And he did it all with a smile! It was so delicious and I feel like he is going to make my entire pregnancy that much better. I will have to wait till the baby gets here to have my favorite, the spicy tuna.

2. I love it when spring comes along and it is 70 degrees outside and I can open all of the windows in my house after a long stuffy winter. There is usually a pretty short time frame here, during the spring and then again in the fall, when you can actually have your windows open all day. I absolutely love laying around with a good book while feeling the breeze coming in through the window.

3. I love camping. My family has taken me camping since I was a baby. I have been camping just about every year of my life, and usually several times. I just love being outside and sleeping under the stars. And when I say camping, I mean real camping, with a tent, and no electricity or running water. Real roughing it. As I get older, I reserve the right to change my mind on this. In the past few years, it seems I camp less, but we are planning a trip for Memorial weekend. I can't wait!

4. I love the look and smell of my house right after I finish cleaning it from top to bottom. I may have mentioned before what a neat freak I am. I am not kidding. I really am. And after I spend 8 hours cleaning my house, I love looking around and seeing how clean and nice everything is. This is sad, I know, but it is what it is.

5. I love jumping off really high things (e.g. cliffs, rope swings), into a big lake or river.

6. I love capri pants. When they first came out, I hated them. But, after I got used to them, I realized how awesome they are. I don't like wearing shorts, I never have, and pants are so hot during the summer, so these are a good compromise. I may not have had this on my top list, but they are fresh in my mind as I cheerfully unpacked them from the maternity clothes my friends have lent to me.

7. I love behaving like I am 10 years old. I do this more than I probably should. One of the reasons I am so excited to have children is so I have other people to act totally goofy with all the time.

Ofcourse, these are totally random and in no particular order.

So picking out 7 bloggers that I love is kinda hard since I just started blogging on this site and don't follow too many blogs yet. And some of the people I might have picked, G already picked in her list. So I am just going to forward this on to a few people for now...

1. Anrazel -
2. Emma Jewel -
3. Brittany Ann -

And Since I was only supposed to list "things" in my list, I also felt like mentioning, in addition, some "people" that I really really love.

I love my husband. So far, during my pregnancy, he has been so attentive and helpful, that it has only made me realize it even more.

I love my parents. I never forget or take for granted how much I love them and how much they mean to me. They are not just my parents, but my very good friends as well. I have alot of fun with them and I can always count on them for anything. I was a big, huge, pain-in-the-ass for them growing up, and I will never forget the patience, guidance and love that they showed to me. I owe a huge part of why I am who I am, to them. I just hope that I can be just as good of a parent to my children.

I love my sisters. They really are my best friends. We are all pretty close and are lucky enough to be able to see each other all the time.

And these are a few of my favorite things...


Brittany Ann said...

Thanks so much! How sweet of you! And you know, I've never had anyone else in the whole wide world express my up-and-down relationship with capris like you just did. I, too, HATED them when they emerged, but now, I CANNOT own enough pairs!

And yay for your little baby! (And don't worry about missing sushi. Giving up tHat, and coffee, are some of my biggest fears when I get pregnant!)

Gina said...

Wait till you see my crazy bright patchwork plaid capris I got from the JCrew outlet. You will love them. I do...and I am a reformed capri hater too!

Emma Jewel said...

oh shucks I didn't see this, thank you! :) --E