Friday, January 6, 2012

My 14 Week Pregnancy Update!

Wow. 14 weeks. Already. Yesterday actually marked the day and that is when I took these pictures. I seriously can't believe I am already into my second trimester. Things are really flying by. The holidays probably helped with that. But other then not being able to drink any alcohol (and I have definitely noticed and missed the absence of wine) and being more tired then usual, I honestly haven't even felt like I am pregnant. At first as I was actually worried about it. The say that lots of morning sickness is a good sign and some people worry when you feel nothing at all. I was so relieved at that 9 week appointment when everything looked great on the ultrasound and then again at the 13 week appointment, when we could hear that heartbeat nice and strong. Now that I am getting more into the second trimester, I am relaxing more with it and I guess just considering myself extremely lucky. It's quite different then the first time around with the munchkin. She wasn't so easy on me and I could definitely tell for sure that I was pregnant.

My belly actually started popping out a little right around 10 weeks.  Maybe even a little sooner.  Not enough for anyone to notice, but enough to make some of my pants a little uncomfortable.  Just in the last week or so, it really started to pop out and I am now officially at that really awkward stage when your regular jeans do not fit, but the maternity jeans are too big.  I am not a big fan of this stage.  It makes me want to wear a sign that says, "Yes, I am pregnant".  I am mostly sticking to a couple of pairs of jeans that I purchased used on ebay that are perfect for this stage.  Thank goodness for ebay (or thrift stores).  I can't imagine paying $200 for a pair of jeans you will be wearing for less then a year. I would much rather pay $20 for some slightly worn ones. My fave pair right now is a pair of Citizens that actually look and feel just like regular jeans, but they have a panel right in the front that is stretchy. They are so comfy.  Unfortunately the girl who hemmed them before me was a little bit of a shorty, so I can only wear them with tennis shoes or flats, anything else and I am sporting high waters.  I am not really wearing any maternity shirts yet.  They are all still too baggy on me, I am mostly sticking to tshirts and longer shirts that I already have.  I also have a few belly bands that are nice for the transition period too.

As you may know from my last post, we moved the munchkin to her new room and new bed, so now the baby's room is empty (of children).  The munchkin's clothes are all still in there until we get her a new dresser and/or a closet organizer, but that will have to wait until good old Uncle Sam pays us back the money he owes us.  It's wierd though, now that the munchkin is sleeping in her new big girl bed and the crib is empty waiting for the little peanut's arrival. It's making it all start to seem more real. It's hard to believe that we will be a family of 4 in only about 6 short months. Six Months! That's nothing! And it's really crazy how once you have one child, time even seems to go by faster.  I remember at this point in my first pregnancy, I felt delivery was such a long long time away.  It definitely feels much different this time around.

I also find it strange how much less I am concerned about decorating the new baby's room (this was a HUGE ordeal the first time around). Just saying that, I think it sounds terrible. It's not that I feel any less excitement for this baby, but I guess I just am realizing how unimportant it really is.  I now understand when people would ask me if this was my first child, why they would say "Oooooh, fun", in that tone I wasn't quite getting the meaning of. I am way more excited about decorating the munchkin's new big girl room. I think it's because she will be excited too and the new baby could care less. Plus they won't even be in their room for quite some time anyway, since they will be shacking up with us at first.

We have less then 6 weeks before we find out the sex of the little peanut.  I have such mixed feelings on it. I will be happy either way of course, but I have to admit, I will be completely shocked if they say it is a boy. My parents had all girls and so far all of us have had only girls. I know my dad would be thrilled beyond belief to finally have a boy in the family and of course, Joe would be ecstatic as well.  It would be fun to have the first boy. Then again, we only plan on having two children, so it would be really neat for them if they were the same sex. Plus, I already have all of the girl clothes (and girly toys) I will need and that sure would make things easier financially. I just can't wait to find out, I am a big time planner and not knowing drives me a little batty. I am sure though that February 20th will be here before I know it!

I have gained about 8 pounds so far.  According to, I should have gained nothing to no more then four pounds at 14 weeks.  What a bunch of jerks. How can one possibly have gained nothing at this point when my boobs are already 3x their regular size and my belly is pooching out so much? This is the graph they come up with for me on their pregnancy weight tracker. I am pretty sure they have no idea what they are talking about.  The big green dot well above the "normal weight gain range" represents me.

Speaking of boobs, mine are already leaking (have been for a couple of weeks)! This kinda scares the crap out of me just a little, considering all of the over supply issues I had before. I started leaking much later into my pregnancy last time, so I hope that this doesn't mean it's going to be even worse this time around!  Yikes! My husband didn't give me the nickname machine gone tits for nothing. I am going to learn lessons though from the first time around and make sure that absolutely no pumping whatsover takes place, no matter how full they are, until maybe around 8 weeks or so. I think that was my problem the first time around. I started pumping too early to relieve the pressure and stock up with some back up milk, that it only perpetuated the problem from the get go and it was hard to ever regulate things. That is not a mistake I would like to make again!

So there it is, my 14 week (and first) pregnancy update. I love love love being pregnant right now and am so excited for this baby and to grow our little family. Joe is pretty darn excited too, which you might be able to tell from the picture below. I am very lucky to have such a wonderful husband who is also a pretty amazing father.

So glad it's the weekend!  I hope everyone has a fantastic one!


Lil' Woman said...

Oh goodness. You look so cute! :)
Ahhh I'm so happy for you guys.

Anonymous said...

Would it be weird to put that pic of you and Joe up in my house? Beccause it's so freakin' cute that I just might. :)

Also, G's room wasn't finished till he was about 4 months old!\

Lucy Marie said...

You are gorgeous woman. I think it would be even weirder for ME to put that picture up in my house than if Gina did it. LOL.

I think it's a boy ... considering you're feeling so different this time around.

Anna said...

That weight gain chart is complete and total bullshit. As long as you are making good food decisions, your body will gain exactly what it is meant to in order for that sweet baby to grow.
I seriously still think it's a boy :) How's your libido? Mine was kicked into high gear during both pregnancies. All that testosterone, I guess.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I Love Anna's comment. And I agree with it!

You look adorable! Soooo happy for you! I love following along with people's pregnancies :)

Sarah Smith said...

14 weeks already!?! Time flies! I also don't think the weight gain charts are worth anything. I gained much faster the second time around; the midwives even did a twins check. Weight gain slowed down towards the end, and I had a perfect 7 lb 4 oz boy. Ignore the charts and eat when you feel like it!

I had oversupply problems too, especially the first time. It really helped the second time to do block feeding, which is only letting the baby nurse from one side for 3-4 hours, and then switching to the other side for the next few hours. Anyhow, glad to hear things are going well!