Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Munchkin is in a Big Girl Bed!

We hadn't exactly planned on moving the munchkin to her new room yet.  In fact, yesterday morning, it was still strictly her play room.  We hadn't even purchased anything yet to decorate her new "Big Girl Room", which I still plan on doing in a woodland animals theme.  But we have been talking about it for quite a while.  We were planning on turning her room into the baby's room, leaving the crib and furniture for the new baby, and making her toy room her new room.  My parents still had the twin beds from when we were little kids and we were going to be using one of those beds.  The bed was at my dad's friends house and after about 3 months of waiting for it, hearing that we were getting it very soon, over and over again, we were getting a little frustrated.

Stacy, our sitter, messaged me yesterday saying she had been thinking about letting the munchkin sleep in her bed for her nap and no longing using the pack and play.  I told her to "Go for it!"and that we had been wanting to move her to a real bed for some time now and that might even make the transition easier once we did.  So she decided to go ahead and try it that day.  Then I decided to look on Craig's list and see if I couldn't find her a little toddler bed.  I didn't want to spend very much money at all.  Hopefully we would still be getting the twin bed from my parents and if I found one that was nice enough, I could always resell it after we upgraded her again.  I found a really nice one on CL.  It was made of real wood and had a little drawer underneath.  They were asking $85.  I had already set a budget for $50, so I sent them an email and crossed my fingers.  We went back and forth a bit and they eventually agreed to the $50.00.  Yay!!!

So after dinner, we all climbed in the car.  I had told the munchkin we were going to pick up her big girl bed and she couldn't have been more excited.  She kept talking about it the whole way there.  Once we were at the seller's home, we had to move her car seat to the window side from the middle in order to fold the other seat down to fit the bed inside.  As I held the munchkin next to the car while Joe did the rearranging loaded everything up, she kept pointing to the bed, saying "My big girl bed! I'm going to sleep in that!"  It was the cutest thing ever.

We originally planned on bringing the bed home and taking some time setting it up.  Maybe letting her get used to the idea and try starting her off in it this weekend.  We got home about 20 minutes before her bedtime and she just couldn't stop talking about her big girl bed and how she was going to sleep in it.  She was just so excited and seemed so ready, that we decided to give it a go.  We rearranged some things in her play room and set up the bed.  We took the mattress that was already made with the sheets in her crib right off and placed it on the toddler bed.  She climbed right in all excited and ready to go.  She started saying "Put on my pajamas!  Brush my teeth!"  She was cracking me up.

Please excuse the crappy cell phone pics...

Notice the little Winnie the Pooh blanket?  That was Joe's when he was a baby!

So we put on her PJ's, brushed her teeth and she ran straight to her new room and climbed into bed.  About 8:15, I read her a book, tucked her in, shut off the light and left the room.  I was still not sure how things were going to go.  She sang and talked to herself for a little while.  Then seemed to drift off.  About 30 minutes in, we heard a loud thump!  I ran in there and she was sitting up on her bed quietly crying.  She told me she fell off of her bed and hurt her leg.  I kissed her leg and tucked her back in and she went right back to sleep.  About 9:45 we heard her crying.  I think she woke up and forgot where she was.  I went back into her room, gave her a hug and kiss and told I loved her and tucked her back in again.  She sat back up and asked me for another hug.  That pretty much melted my heart.  Then she laid back down and went to sleep again.  We didn't hear another peep from her all night.

This morning we actually had to wake her up for breakfast.  She was sound asleep!  So I would say that things went pretty darn good for our first night.  I just can't believe what a big girl she is all of a sudden.

Now we just need to actually decorate her new room and get her some furniture in there.  That will be a work in progress for the next few weeks.  We are waiting to get our taxes back to to help with some of the funds.  In the meantime, I think she will be perfectly happy as is.


Myshka said...

Congrats! L has been in hers since she was 21 months (out of necessity so M could use her cot), and it's been going very well, she loves it. She stays up late sometimes wanting to read, or wakes up at 5am really excited to turn the light on, which can be annoying but is very cute! So proud of you guys, it must feel like she's so grown up!!!!! Hey- also, you need to post some new belly pics! Can't wait to see the new little bean grow!

Lil' Woman said...

Aww she no baby no more....yay for a big girl bed.