Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Missing Post?

I just realized that I had uploaded all of these pics back in December after Thanksgiving and after we bought the munchkin her new table for her christmas present. They are a little late, but I am going to to ahead and post them anyway :)

This was the old (atleast 10 yrs) pottery barn table that I found on Craig's list for the Munchkin's christmas present. It's the sturdiest table and so cute in her playroom.

I took these pics at Thanksgiving. The spread was amazing. It was the first time we ever tried to give the Munchkin mashed potatoes and she hated them! Joe says I ruined her with my caulitators (mashed cauliflower).

Here's my littlest sis Erin and her boyfriend.

My hubs passed out after dinner.

He wasn't the only one....

The girls playing in the ball pit.

Me and my sisters. I'm not sure what was up with the really awkward positioning here...

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Gina said...

Great post! Love the pics!