Friday, March 5, 2010

My 100th Post!!

Wow... the big 100th post!! I imagine this would have happened a long time ago, but then the munchkin arrived....

I have really been neglecting my blog. Things have been going so good lately that its hard to break away and blog. But today, the hubs picked up munchkin from the sitter and took her to a friends house. This was totally unexpected, so I have nothing planned. I thought... why not post a blog!

Last Saturday, I finally packed up all of my breastmilk and shipped it off to the milk bank. It took me a while because I had to find a place that sells dry ice first, and then once I bought it, I had to ship it all the same day. I finally tracked down a pharmacy close to my house and got it all taken care. I am also feeling so much better about not breastfeeding any more. She has been thriving and feeling so much better... it's hard to not feel really good about that and that has kinda cancelled out the sadness I felt from having to stop breastfeeding.

We are pretty much settled into our new place. Everything is unpacked and put away. I am so glad that we are renting, because I am already ready to find a new place! It's also lucky we only have a 6 month lease, because I might not even make it a year. I am going to try though. I might hate moving just enough to keep me here longer. Our new place is okay, but now that munchkin is going to a new sitter in a new area, there really isn't any reason for us to have to stay this far west from everything else, like our family and friends, my job and our new sitter. We really aren't that far, but I wouldn't mind living a little closer. I also have been feeling super claustrophobic in this place. It could just be the winter too, so that might get better as spring time moves in.

The munchkin is growing like a weed! She started sitting up on her own in the last week! I still have to be close by to catch her when she falls over, but she is started to go really long stretches before she does. It's amazing the difference just a couple of months makes. She is getting really good with her hands and is really into her toys now and ofcourse she has to stick everything in her mouth. She is so happy most of the time. She seems to smile with her whole face and I am just so happy and relieved that she finally gets to experience life with out all of the accompanying pain that she had for most of her first 4 months.

Here we are enjoying one of our Wednesdays together at my mom's house. I no longer work on Wednesdays and I am really loving being able to hang out with her all day.

She gets so excited about things now. And when she does she shakes her whole face back and forth like she's saying no really fast and opens her mouth really wide. Its hilarious. She loves yelling at her toys. I wish I knew what it is that she is trying so hard to get through to them! Joe and I dance around the room and sing with her all the time. She gets so excited and starts kicking her feet really fast. Any time she starts getting crabby, if we scoop her up and start dancing around the room she instantly starts laughing and smiling and kicking her feet around. Our sitter's little boy named her Happy Feet because she is constantly kicking her feet around when she is happy and excited... which is alot.

She has been hanging out with her cousin alot. The are getting closer and closer in size. Munchkin is still so much taller though. But they are really starting to look like they are related. We always lay them together on the floor. Sometimes they kick or hit each other accidentally... but this time they seemed to finally really notice each other and they both seemed really interested! It was too cute.

Sunday we are having her 6 month photo shoot. I can't believe she is going to be six months old on the 9th! Time really is going by fast.

Joe and I, as a couple, are doing really good considering. Its so hard with him working full time and going to school 3 nights in a row. I hardly seem him at all on those days. He also spends alot of the rest of his time doing his homework along with his paperwork for his job. So I sometimes feel like a single parent... and it can be overwhelming to rarely get a break. Someday, it will all be worth it though... we just have to keep telling ourselves that. We have found a groove that seems to be working for us, so far so good.

Well the family will be home soon and I am going to try to get a few things done before they do. I will try to check back in soon and I will definitely post her new pics after we get them taken on Sunday!


Gina said...

Wow...I can't believe how much more alike those two look! I can't wait to get together with you soon. I'm off for Spring Break soon...maybe we could get together then!

Susannah said...

Laura, oh my gosh! She is so freaking precious! She really does look like your hubby! I can't get over how much munchkin looks like her cousin! That is insane and precious-they are so snuggly!
Awesome post, glad things are going well!

Anna said...

Yay for the update and the great pictures! She is just the cutest thing! I'm thrilled that things are going so well for you guys.

Brittany Ann said...

They look so much alike! And oh my! Your little one is looking so big! And even cuter!

Lil' Woman said...

Oh goodness she is getting big....such a little doll, precious!

Seraphina said...

Wow, I am astounded at how big Ayla is now! She has such beautiful eyes and such pinchable cheeks! Too cute for words...

Congratulations on your 100th blog post dearie - I had mine a few back, but didn't even notice! haha

Also, just out of curiosity, I noticed her wearing a pampers did the G diapers go? The Husband and I have been considering them off and on, but don't know anyone with hands-on (no pun intended) experience.

Little T said...

Love her and her growing rolls!