Tuesday, March 9, 2010

6 Months Old, 8 Hours of Sleep, and a Boat Load of Breast Milk!

Today is the munchkin's 6 month birthday! I can't believe it! What a difference just a few weeks make when they are this age. She is becoming so much more interactive and so curious about the world around her. I am going to make a separate post all about her and what she has going on in her world at 6 months. I will work on that later on today.

Last night I gave the munchkin a bottle at 8:30 pm and then put her to bed. I couldn't believe it when I woke up and looked at the clock at 4:00 am and she was still sleeping! At first I thought Joe must have given her a bottle before he went to bed while I was asleep. I looked in the bathroom and saw all of the bottles still sitting there clean and ready to go, along with a full formula dispenser, so I knew he hadn't. I usually give her a 6 oz bottle before bed and then 4 oz bottles throughout the night, but I figured since she was still sleeping, I would give her another 6 oz bottle when she woke up. It's kinda crazy how somehow a mother's body just seems to know what is going to happen before it does, because since I had woken up right before her, around 4:20 she woke up and I already had everything ready to go.

She was on her belly and crying really hard by the time I got in there. I didn't know if rolling over had woken her up, or if rolling over had kept her asleep for so long and she was just finally waking up because she was starving. She scarfed down the entire 6 ounces and would have probably eaten more had it been in there. I laid her down in her crib and went back to bed. I woke up at 8:00 am and she was still sound asleep. So I got dressed and ready to go and about 8:20 I went in to to wake her up. She was sleeping soundly on her belly! So I guess she has discovered she likes sleeping on her belly and hopefully (I'm not counting on it) she will start sleeping longer stretches now. The last couple of weeks, she has been rolling over onto her belly and she would wake up screaming because she didn't want to be there and couldn't get back. We had to go in there and roll her back onto her back so she could go back to sleep. Joe and I were so excited this morning. I can't believe she slept that long... that is a record. The only time she came even close to that was 7 hours when she was about a month old, but she has never gotten even close since then. I gotta tell ya, I felt pretty good this morning!

Then to add to my good mood, I had an email this morning from the milk bank in Indiana. I wanted to share some of the emails back and forth between us from the last 2 days.

Hi Dane!

I shipped all of my milk out to you guys on Saturday, Feb 27th. It took me a while to ship it because I had to find a place that sold dry ice and figure out how to go buy it and ship it all in the same day. I just wanted to make sure you guys got it and make sure it got there okay. Is there any way I could find out what the final amount was and a receipt for that?

Thank you!


Thank you so much! We did receive your shipment - all 875 ounces of it! It was in great condition... so great job!

I have attached a letterhead stating how much you donated. Let me know if this works.


Wow! I had no idea it was that much.... that is fantastic. I was hoping around 600.... but 875!!! Holy Cow! I am so glad that it arrived in great condition, that is so wonderful to hear. It makes me feel better about having to stop breastfeeding to know that it will help feed another baby.

The letter you sent should work just fine. Thank you for sending it.

Thanks for all your help!


Yeah - you had a LOT of milk. Some of your milk has actually already been pasteurized and is being distributed to NICUs throughout the Midwest. You are most definitely helping many other babies with your gift.

If you need anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me.


I broke down and cried after I found out that it all got there safely and there were 875 ounces! A sense of relief washed over me knowing it arrived there in good condition. I still can't say exactly why, but for some reason that milk just meant so very much to me. I really was very sad to have to stop breastfeeding the munchkin. But it does help to know that because of our efforts, another little life will be nourished. Donating my milk was a great way to help me to move forward and to somehow feel good about it all. I can't even imagine how much harder it would have been on me if I had no other option then to just throw it all away.

And just an FYI, I can't actually get a tax deduction for my donated breastmilk, but you can get some credit for all of your supplies (e.g. milk bags and pump) along with your time. I don't think I will actually bother with it, but I wanted the letter just incase.

"Today Was a Good Day" ~ Ice Cube


Gina said...

Everything happens for a reason...proven again! This post made me cry! :)

Anna said...

I got teary too when I read the last email from him back to you. I am so happy that you have found peace with this. I know how much it meant to you to breastfeed and also how hard it was for you to have to stop. You have done the very best thing possible not just for your baby girl who is doing so well, but also for all of those babies who will be nourished by the milk your body produced. It really does feel like a super-power, doesn't it!
I can't wait to see you tomorrow!

Brittany Ann said...

Good for you! This is such a wonderful aside to your breast-feeding story!

Little T said...

Awe, I am so happy to hear you happy:-)

Mrs. Cullen said...

"Holy Cow!" LOL pun intended?