Monday, March 8, 2010

Photo Shoot Sneak Peek

The photo shoot went great on Sunday. My sister Amy and her hubby came out with the munchkin's cousin and we took pics of all of us. I haven't gotten them all back yet, but I was given a few sneak peeks... here's one of my favorites so far!

I can't wait to post the rest... hopefully in the next couple of days I will have them.

Our weekend was alot of fun. Its so much better taking the munchkin places now that she is in a better mood and not crying and fussing all of the time. Life is so much easier on all of us now that she is feeling better. We went to Amy's house on Saturday and BBQ'd with them and a few of their neighbors. Sunday we had the photo shoot, then over to my parents house to have dinner and hang out with my sisters.

Sundays are always bitter sweet. Not only does it mean back to work the next day, but Joe goes to school Mon, Tues & Wed. I will hardly see him during that time and Thursday is usually pretty exciting when we get to hang out again. I am always looking for things to do away from the house with Ayla so we don't have to sit at home alone. Tonight I think I will go visit my mom and my sister Erin and her kids.

I don't think I have mentioned yet that my youngest sister, Erin, is going through a divorce. It's been a very big, ugly, stressful mess and now her and her two kids have moved in with my parents while she finishes school. Its been really hard on them to adjust to this. My mom is now watching her kids alot while Erin works and goes to school, so both the munchkin and Amy's baby misses out on alot of grandma time. Obviously that is a small price to pay for Erin to be able to go back to school and we all know this is for the best, but sometimes I wish my mom wasn't so busy all the time taking care of them. There are alot of times I could really use her help, but she is already booked with the other kiddos. Plus I feel bad for her, as she is exhausted most of the time trying to keep up with them. But I feel especially bad for Erin having to go through all of this and move back in with our parents with her two kids. I am so glad that she is going back to school (she is getting her masters so she can become a teacher), and once she is finished she will be able to move out on her own and support her little family herself. I really admire single parents, especially those that have their kids full time, I can't even imagine...

Well I better get back to work. Look at me, two posts within a week!


Gina said...

SO cute!! Who took them? Hey, Lo and I are off for Spring Break in a couple of weeks. We should get together! He'd love to see you...he hasn't stopped talking about his invitations that "Wawa" made and I KNOW he missed you when he got his haircut yesterday. There will be no more haircuts without Wawa!

Anna said...

I just love that picture! You and Amy are going to have your hands full with those little ladies! I can't wait to see the rest.
I'm sorry things have been so hard on Erin, but I am also thrilled that she is going to be a teacher! That just fits her somehow. I know what you mean about wishing you had your mom's help. When mine is in town I get a small taste of what it's like to have her here, and it's wonderful!
Keep on posting girl! I love knowing what you guys are up to!

Susannah said...

Yay, Laura is back! :D Can I just say that I love that bunny picture!!! Ayla is so stinking adorable and i want to hug her! I wish y'all lived in Georgia so we could have play dates!!!!!!
Love the sneak peek, thanks for sharing!

Lil' Woman said...

Awww they look sooo precious!!

Brittany Ann said...

Precious little bunnies!

Thinking good thoughts for your sister!