Monday, September 26, 2011

My New Pots and Pans!

My husband is so awesomely wonderful.

I came home from work last Thursday and saw this sitting on the counter.

Joe earns points through his job for growth and different things, which he can use to acquire cool fun stuff.  A couple of months ago, he got himself an ipod touch.   It's one of the few perks of his job.  He works alot of hours and does alot of extra stuff and for not alot of compensation.  They send him out of town now and then too and he doesn't even get paid for it!  The ipod was the first and only thing he had gotten so far with his points.  He has been there for over five years and it took forever to build up enough points to get anything really cool.

But I digress....

I have been wanting and drooling over a new stainless steel pots and pans set for forever.  The set I had was a calphalon nonstick set that I had gotten many many moons ago.  It was still working for me though, and as much as I wanted a stainless steel set, it was definitely not something we had room for in the budget.

But then my husband found out that he could get me a set through his company points!  He still had alot left over after the ipod and waited a couple of months to have enough more for the pots and pans.

He also ordered me a large stainless steel 4 piece pot/steamer/pasta set that comes with a 8 quart stock pot that arrived over the weekend.

Oh how I adore that man.

I took them all out of the package and admired them.  I thought they were beautiful!  I couldn't believe I was so excited over pots and pans.  I was smitten.

Since then I have cooked burgers, eggs and reheated chili.  They are amazing and I am giddy.


Gina said...

Awwww, that Joe is a keeper. Maybe as a reward for his good duties we should let him be a fly on the wall when we meet John S. ;) Hee hee hee.

Laura said...

I am not sure either of us would want that! Now if he could be a fly on the wall if it was the same scenario without John S. being in the room, he would probably totally dig that!

Lil' Woman said...

No worries girl...I get excited over pots and pans too...when did I become a Suzy Homemaker....damn you husband :)

That's awesome that Joe can get that stuff!