Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What's a holiday weekend without an exciting car accident?

I haven't blogged much.... I have been slacking in that department. I have been getting really tired lately and my brain feels like mush half the time. Not very conducive to interesting blogging. I will catch you up to speed....

Last Thursday I was in a car accident. I am okay... but what a pain in the ass. I was on my way home form work and there was alot of traffic. I was actually just sitting in the fast lane, not moving at all, when all of a sudden I heard the loud screeching of breaks. I looked in my rearview mirror and saw a black bronco (what is it with me and broncos?) coming towards me. I braced myself as I knew he was going to slam into the back of me. Sure enough, he did, and he forced my Santa Fe into the car in front of me. I immediately freaked out. I am 31 weeks pregnant... so obviously the first thing on my mind is my baby and if she is okay. Everything seemed fine, but my emotions started going crazy and I started sobbing uncontrollably. I am sure it freaked out the guy who hit me even more. Good. What the hell was he doing anyway? We waited for what seemed like an eternity for the police to arrive. Once there, they stopped the cars are on the highway (traffic was really backed up at this point), so that the cars involved in the accident could move to the other side of the highway. They got statements and all that jazz, then the cute fireman took my blook pressure. He seemed impressed when he said it was excellent, even better then his. Finally we could leave. I called my doctor, who insisted I go to the hospital to get additional tests done to make sure everything was okay. I went home and then my husband took me to the hospital. We left my car in the driveway for a tow truck to come and pick up and take it to the body shop.

We checked into labor and delivery and they set us up in a room just like I would deliver in. It was actually pretty cool to get a sneak peak of things and see just what the room would look like when the big day finally came. We listened to her heartbeat for about 30 minutes and they checked me for contractions. The nurse said the baby had no idea anything had happened and she seemed as happy as could be. The house doctor came in, checked me over, consulted with my doctor, and then gave the thumbs up for me to go home.

All and all, I felt very lucky. Things could have been much worse. It just sucks that my new car has already been in an accident. But it's crash test ratings really proved true. It took the hit like a champ. It is in the shop and I am having to drive around in a rental. I am hoping that the guys-who-hit-me's insurance acts quickly and we can get going on this. I really can't wait to get my own car back.

So my plans for dinner that night with my gal Gina fell through since I had to go to the hospital... my heart was set on sushi so I was pretty bummed. By the time I got home, Gina had already eaten. Luckily my friend Jessica was eager to go in her place. That really helped to cheer my up.... funny how sushi can make almost anything better. I inhaled 3 rolls... apparantly being in an accident makes you hungry! Who am I kidding? I can always eat atleast 3 rolls (2 for me, one for the baby).

Friday, me and Joe were both off work. We woke up early to go pick up a rental car from the shop where my car was being worked on. They gave me a hyandai accent. It's like a go cart and it sucks. Mainly because I don't feel safe in it, not while I am pregnant after just being in an accident. I went by a friends to pick up some maternity clothes, then back home. Joe mowed the lawn while I took care of some things around the house. We took a nice nap and then started getting ready to go out to a friend's 30th birthday party. It was alot of fun. I was able to see some people I haven't seen in quite a while. And I loved all the preggo attention. Everyone kept asking me if I needed anything and everyone was rubbing my belly and asking how things had been. It was very sweet. It will be nice to be able to have a drink again though.

Then there was Saturday, the 4th of July. I wish I could say we did something exciting, but we really didn't do anything at all. I went shopping for some new clothes, as I was having my maternity pictures taken the next day. We took another nap. We let my parents dogs out (because they did have exciting plans). We watched a movie. That was about it. It was nice though. It's been so crazy and busy lately... it was good to just take some time to relax and not do much of anything. The weather was pretty bad anyway, and there was thundering and lightning about the time they were shooting off fireworks anywhere anyway, so we didn't miss out on much.

Sunday our photoshoot was cancelled. So we ended up having another lazy day.

And there was my exciting holiday weekend. Atleast I got caught up on sleep and was able to do some of relaxing. Something I have been really needing lately.

Monday I traded in the hyundai accent for a PT Cruiser. I am not a big fan of PT Cruisers and this one has the very strong scent of cigarettes. I could be driving the rental for up to 2 weeks. But atleast it's bigger then the accent and I have some baby stuff to transport... so I am gonna need as much room as I can get.

Tonight is my rescheduled dinner date with Gina... Yay for more sushi! Then I am going to a Le Leche Meeting. This is a support group for breastfeeding moms. I am hoping to have some meetings under my belt and some resources lined up before the munchkin is here. I am determined to breastfeed for atleast the first year, no matter what difficulties I may have (I have alot of friends who gave up pretty quickly after having trouble), and I think having alot of support will help with that. I have very few friends who have chosen to breastfeed and stuck with it, so I am seeking support in other areas. I am hoping it will be a breeze though (I could get lucky, ya never know... ya right). I have heard some stories though about them being breastfeeding nazis at these meetings, so I talked my friend Jillian (who is a breastfeeding mamma) into going with me. She has a cute new baby named Emerson and I am hoping I will get to meet her tonight!

Okay... back to work!


Gina said...

I think you'll be fine with breastfeeding! It was fine for me, even having to supplement for Logan's raging appetite, until my postpartum depression took over five months in! I was sad to quit, but I knew Lo wouldn't be happy unless I was, too. But if I can last five months, you can certainly last a year! :) Can't wait for our date tonight! Sushi twice in a week...lucky girl! Oh...and I am so glad you are okay after that accident!

(Sorry for the rambling comment!)

Little T said...

Lazy weekends are the best!

Brittany Ann said...

OMG! Seriously, I am so glad Baby is OK. I'm mad at that Bronco driver just for slamming into you!

And I'll admit I'm kind of jealous you get to hang out with Jillian and Gina! I wish I could meet all of you IRL. One day, one day!

Now, I just have to figure out my excuse for eating three rolls, too (you know, since I don't have baby on board...damn.)

Maggie May said...

I am just so glad you two are all right.

Anonymous said...

Hey girlfriend - glad you and baby are okay - Anrazel breastfeeds too and she goes to LLL so there's another support :)
Luv ya girl - keep me posted!