Sunday, July 26, 2009

Walmart Adventures, Baby Shower and Some Maternity Pics

I went to see my doctor on Friday and turns out I have a sinus infection (probably), but he said that drainage was causing my sore through. He prescribed me some antibiotics and some nose spray. He also said I needed to put a humidifier in my room to help with my soar throat. I went home and took a really really long nap. I took all of his advice, but decided to hold off on the antibiotics. I just don't want to take any more unless I absolutely have to. I have already taken them 2 different times for both kidney stones and I am really nervous about taking too many meds while pregnant. It's now Monday and I am already feeling alot better so I am really glad I decided to not take them.

Friday night we went to visit Joe's mom and sister & brother in-law. We had a yummy steak dinner at their house and visited for a while. Then his sister and brother in-law came over to our house to help Joe with some issues with the water heater and some plumbing. That took forever and since we really needed to go to Walmart to get a humidifier, we ended up going at 1:00 am. Late night trips to Walmart are always so interesting. This one wasn't any different.

I was walking around the produce department when this very odd woman came up to me and shouted "Hi!". She worked there and was stocking the fruit. And yes, she really was shouting at me. Something was really "off" about her. I knew she was disabled in some way, ofcourse that didn't bother me, it was where she took the conversation that started to put up a red flag. She started with asking me when my baby was due... then what was the sex... then what was her name... then where I would be delivering at... My answer to the last one was "I don't know yet." She was standing super close to me and talking in an extremely elevated voice. Maybe she wasn't aware of my personal space and maybe she just wasn't sure about what was appropriate banter for 1:30 am conversations with strangers, but I couldn't help but wonder if she was plotting to come and steal my baby. I guess she took the hint when I didn't really answer her last question and my demeanor shifted from friendly to guarded. At this point, Joe had also just walked up to join me. Without another word, she turned around and walked away. Wierd.

My baby shower on Saturday was so much fun! We got all kinds of wonderful gifts. Yay!! I was so impressed with what a good job my sisters and mom, and our friend Michele did. They worked really hard and everything turned out so nice. And just look at the pics of the food...

My sister went a little crazy with the menu. It was so delicious though and I had lots of leftovers to bring home to eat too!

Anna brought Isaac! I am so glad he is just about back to his normal happy self.

Here's some of the presents we got! Amy and Erin made tie dye onesies for the munchkin in a few different sizes. They were so cute.

Here's some of the people that came. I am in the middle with my two sisters to the right of me and my mom and my niece in front of us.

On Sunday we finally got our maternity pics taken. I would liked to have gotten them done sooner before I was so big and puffy, but I am still really happy with how they turned out. Our friend, Scott, did such a good job taking them! We took all the pics in the nursery and outside on our front porch, in our front yard and on the side of our house.

The one below is my favorite. I even remember while we were taking this one how much love I could feel between us. It was a wonderful feeling.

This tree is on the side of our house right outside the nursery window.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! My last ultrasound is wednesday morning.. I am really excited about seeing her! I will post the pic once we get it.


Little T said...

You are so beautiful, Mama!

Brittany Ann said...

Love the pics! Gorgeous!

Jillian said...

I love your photos!! And that was one weird lady at Wally World!!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous, momma.

Seraphina said...

Mmm, that fruit salad looks delicious! My husband and I didn't get photos taken...I wonder if we should have? Yours turned out great!

I've had similar odd experiences late night at Wal*Mart (back when I would shop there)...I once had a very odd man ask me to take off my high heels because he had a foot lie.

Anrazel said...

I can see the love between the 3 of you! I can't wait to see the next ultrasound picture!

Maggie May said...

Such sweet pictures, full of love, and you look gorgeous!

Gina said...

Holy cow, those pictures were worth the wait. You are not a bit puffy, either. :) And who cut that watermelon like that?? Impressive!!

Your story about the lady at WalMart cracked me up. I actually know someone who is profoundly deaf who works there. I love her and I love communicating with her there when I go but it's always tricky. I love that WalMart hires people with disabilities but at times, things can get awkward like your situation!

Ty, Joanne, Elise and Hannah said...

love your pics, I looked like I swallowed an alien 8 months prego with Elise!

inkOBSESSIONdesigns said...

ummm...I so wish I was at your shower! Everything looked great and the food looked so delish! :)

You look so good too! I love your pics!

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

Oh Laura, they are absolutely gorgeous!!! You are one beautiful pregnant lady!