Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day... Best One Ever!!

Me and My Sisters' Girls... Cousins!

Mother's Day this year was absolutely amazing.  First off I got to sleep in until 11:00am! That NEVER happens. I think I really needed it too. I don't sleep that well anyway, considering I am 32 weeks preggo and sleeping through the night just isn't something I can enjoy these days. Getting to sleep in those extra hours in the morning to make up for said sleep... wonderful! Ofcourse staying in bed that long has it's downfalls as well, like making me super sore!

When I did finally roll out of bed, I was greeted by a very excited little girl, shouting "Happy Mother's Day! Happy Mother's Day!" She was so excited to show me the flowers that she picked out all by herself at the store with daddy. It pretty much melted my heart. Last year she was way too young to really get anything like Mother's Day, so this was really my very first year that she could be excited about it and wanted to give me extra lovins. It was pretty awesome.

I had a card from the munchkin and the hubs and the flowers she picked out for me. We are on a super strict budget getting ready for the new baby, so I actually wasn't really expecting anything at all... but what I got was perfect.

The first half of the day was actually pretty lazy (especially since I slept in so late). I was bringing a Key Lime Pie and a fruit tray with dip to my mother's house that evening. I had already made the pie the day before, so all I had to do was run to the store for some fresh fruit and cut it all up for the tray and make the dip. I took care of all that during the munchkin's nap. Once she woke up and we all got ready, we headed over to my parents house around 4:30pm.

We decided to have a really easy menu this year so we wouldn't have to do much work in the kitchen. We grilled filet mignon, choice of sweet potato or white and some grilled veggies. I also made some steak butter for the filets. It was delicious!

The rest of the afternoon was spent hanging out in the back yard and visiting. The weather was absolutely perfect.

My mom's parents were there. Below is a pic of them with the munchkin. I am pretty lucky to have such awesome grandparents. My grandma's birthday is always right around mother's day, so we celebrate that too.

My mom is one of the munchkin's most very favorite people. She absolutely adores her.  I think it's because she knows she can count on her to always act really silly and have lots of fun with her.  She's always been a pretty amazing mother, now she gets to be a pretty amazing grandma.

Getting all the cousins to line up and take a good picture is not an easy task.

Adding their mother's to the mix, made it pretty much impossible.

Throw in a grandma, and we are lucky to just get everyone's faces in the same direction.

It's kinda crazy now that me and my sisters are all moms.  Mother's Day this year definitely had a little bit more of a special meaning, with our girls being a little older and me being pregnant with another little baby girl.

I felt especially lucky to have such awesome sisters. I really love these bitches.

But ofcourse my most very favorite person in the whole wide world really is the one that made things extra special for me. I can't believe how lucky I am sometimes, to get to be the little munchkin's mommy. She really is such a blessing.

She really makes me feel like she feels the same way too!

I hope everyone else enjoyed their Mother's Day, whether with their mommies, with their kiddos or both.  And to all the mommies out there in bloggy world... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!


Susannah said...

Ya look great hooch! Those pics of you and A are precious! Are you ready for Miss N? It's getting close! I can't wait! I'm starting some baby shopping!

LWLH said...

It looks like such a fun Mother's Day especially since it's so many of you girls.

Question though...where do all the little girls get their blonde hair from? Dad? I don't know why I noticed but I was like wait a minute, they're all brunette and all the littles are blonde...lol.

Anonymous said...

Awwww these pics made me smile. A-freakin-dorable.


Jackie @ Crest Cottage said...

Love all the pics!!! I'm glad you had such a great day. All those little blonde cuties in a row cracks me up!