Monday, May 7, 2012

The Little Peanut Moving Around in My Belly!

So I haven't gotten around to taking some good belly pics recently like I had hoped. I know... shame on me! I have just been so damn busy. Last night I was laying in bed though and the little Peanut was going nuts in my belly like she usually does right when I am trying to fall asleep. So I grabbed my phone and decided to take a little video.

The munchkin moved in my belly too, but nothing like this one. I would see a bump push out and move across and I even caught that on video a few times and posted it on my blog. But this is a little different. My entire belly will move around and jiggle. It will cave in and push out and start jostling around like crazy! It will almost knock me off my feet sometimes with how much more I can feel the pressure and movement from this little gal. Not sure what that means... but I am sure I'm in trouble somehow!

Anyway, I caught a little of it on video last night. Ofcourse she slows down as soon as I try to capture it, but you will still get the idea.....

I WILL take some good belly pics this week. I PROMISE!!


LWLH said...

That is craziness. :)
It always amazes me when I see this.

Susannah said...

Oh Laura! I love that, it is so beautiful! I miss that feeling! Those sweet rolls and pushes!

Jackie @ Crest Cottage said...

Sweetnesss! Good thing peanut will have a munchkin to chase around... I think she will need it!