Thursday, March 29, 2012

Soccer Practice, Lots of Outdoor Fun and Tons of Pictures!

I don’t typically do weekend recaps. Hell, who I am I kidding, that would be too organized and dependable as far as my blogging goes lately. This weekend though, the weather was perfect and we had so much fun doing things outdoors and hanging out with my sister and her family. I had my camera with me all weekend and I wanted to share some of the pictures. I have been so busy taking pictures for other families lately, I have been really slacking on taking pics of my own.

Saturday morning was the munchkin’s first day of Soccer! We enrolled her in a little Kickeroo class for ages 2-3. To be honest, we probably wouldn’t have enrolled her in any type of sport so soon, but we had three other couples (including my sister) that were going to put their child in the class as well, so we figured it would be a great play and socialization time for all of us. Plus it was at 10:20am on Saturday morning, which with our schedule, couldn’t be a more perfect time. It is indoors at a big sports facility only two miles from our house.

We told the munchkin we were going to a soccer field to play soccer. She was so excited! Then when we pulled into the parking lot, she took one look at the building and started crying. “I wanna play soccer”, she sobbed. We had to assure her that the soccer field was indoors and that she really was going to be playing soccer, we just had to go inside. Once she realized she was infact still going to be playing soccer, she cheered up again. Only my child.

Soccer “practice”, was about 45 minutes long. Pretty much the husbands ran around the field with the kids, while the moms hung back, took pictures and talked (atleast in our group). There were some great photo ops and I took way too many pictures. Here’s some of my favorites...

Saturday evening we went over to my sisters house, hung out and had dinner with her family. My sister and her husband are doing the Paleo diet. You may or may not be familiar with this diet, but let’s just say it is even more strict then how I eat. The awesome thing about this for me, is that anything they are having for dinner, me and the munchkin can eat too. I made a Spaghetti Squash Au Gratin, which they actually aren’t supposed to eat because it includes dairy, but those who could eat it, did and it turned out soooo good! Then we had grilled burgers (bunless), topped with guacamole that were absolutely delicious. Amy also made some sweet potato chips and an asparagus, mushroom and onion medley and dinner was amazing!

Afterwards, we took the girls outside and let them shoot some hoops, play around in the driveway and pulled them around in the wagon.

Sunday morning, I woke up feeling spontaneous. After running it by Joe, I called up Amy and asked her if she wanted to take the girls somewhere fun and outdoors, then get lunch somewhere afterwards. So we quickly ate some breakfast, packed everything up in the car and headed out. We met up at Faust Park and let the girls run around on their huge playground. The weather was perfect and it was so much fun seeing them so excited to be out somewhere new and exciting! 

After we let them run around for a while, we then walked over to the Butterfly House. This place is pretty cool. It’s completely dedicated to butterflies. They have a tropical garden (and it was definitely hot and humid in there!) where thousands of butterflies fly all around you as you walk through.  I only got to snap a few pics before my camera died. Of course my spare battery was in the car, so I was pretty much screwed. Boo.  Here’s the few that I did get....

After we wrapped things up at the Butterfly house, we headed over to Jason’s Deli for lunch. I know I have mentioned before what HORRIBLE acid reflux I had during my pregnancy with the munchkin. So far, during this pregnancy, I have mostly avoided it. After eating out for lunch, it was further proof that eating cleaner and making my own food at home has been saving me from having to deal with most of the terrible things I experienced the first time around. As soon as we got home from lunch, I was absolutely exhausted and started to feel like crap. I put the munchkin down for her nap and decided to take one myself. After about an hour, I woke up with some horrible heartburn. It felt just like when I was pregnant before! And it hurt so bad. I also started getting a headache, and although I hated to, I had to take some Tylenol. I didn’t want to go to my photo shoot later with a migraine!

That evening, I had an engagement session. This isn’t something I do very often, so it was a fun change up. Most people want to hire the same photographer for their engagement pics as they do for their wedding, and since I have chosen to not photograph weddings for the time being, I don’t push the engagement pics either. If someone asks though, I am more then happy to oblige!  It was a beautiful evening and our session took place right before sunset.  A great way to end a wonderful weekend.

And I realize it is Thursday and I am finally posting this.... I am such a slacker! I am getting ready to post some week old belly pics too ;)


LWLH said...

Aww the girls look like they're having so much fun. I love the one where all of them are crawling on the ground.

Anna said...

Yay for soocer! Some of my best childhood memories are on the field...and with you!
Are they doing the paleo for fertility reasons?

Laura said...

The pic with them crawling on the ground is my fave too! They really had so much fun. Anna, I LOVED soccer so much and it's pretty exciting getting the munchkin started in it. I have some really fond memories of us playing together too :) And she is doing paleo mostly for weight loss reasons (both her and Jeremy), but I think she might be hoping it will help with fertility too.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh I am so sad that you weren't thrilled with Jason's Deli. I always get sick from food that isn't super clean and I've NEVER gotten sick from there. Now I need to know what you ordered. You should text me later. ;)

Hollyhome said...

Love the pics :) I can finally start telling the little bugs apart...they are so sweet!