Friday, March 30, 2012

26 Weeks!

Yesterday, I officially 26 weeks along!  I had my sister take some 25 week belly pics for me on Saturday and I am just getting around to posting them.  It was only 6 days ago, so you get the drift, my belly looks pretty much the same.

I am so absolutely in love with the picture below. It is the only picture I have ever been able to get of me and the munchkin both looking at the camera and smiling at the same time.

Overall, I have been feeling pretty good. I have definitely been feeling the weight of my growing belly and am not getting around quite so easily, but I am hanging in there and doing well considering. I can't believe I am almost in my 3rd trimester (2 more weeks) and coming to the last third of my pregnancy. Things have really been going by so much faster this time around and I can't complain too much about that. As I get closer to the end I am getting more excited about meeting this little girl! I am also getting more nervous about not sleeping much for a while and how everything else is gonna go.

I am at that stage in my pregnancy when it is time for the dreaded glucose test, which tests for gestational diabetes. I failed the first round when I was pregnant with the munchkin and had to go back again for the three hour one, which I did pass. It's also very common for woman that eat the way I do to get false positives on the first test because when you don't have that much sugar in your diet, drinking so much of it all at once can be hard for your body to handle. Not to mention how sick it can make someone feel that isn't used to that much sugar. I have heard so many stories of people throwing it up and I felt close to it when pregnant before. The test has been looming over my head and I have really been dreading it. I just really didn't want to take it, most likely fail, then have to take the three hour test again. 

I talked to the nurses at the office about it and they said that I could just come in one morning and test my blood sugar levels an hour after a meal. Apparently, there was some miscommunication and I was under the impression I was supposed to eat a large meal and even include some extra sugar, which I did with some pancakes I had made with honey as the sweetener. I headed in after breakfast yesterday, they pricked my finger, tested my blood sugar levels and I got a number of 148! That is high! The cut off for passing is 130. After discussing my confusion over what I was supposed to eat, the nurse concluded that might have had something to do with it and we decided I would come back again after eating a regular (more normal for me) meal.

I called up there after I got to work and asked if I could just come back in after I ate lunch. The nurse told me that after talking to the nurse practitioner, they felt that regardless of what I had eaten for breakfast that number seemed really high and they wanted me to come in the this morning, having eaten nothing, and take my blood sugar level, then send me off with a monitoring kit and have me test my blood in the morning upon waking and then after each meal (4x a day) for a week. 


So, starting this morning, I will be pricking my finger and testing my blood 4x a day. My first reading before I ate any breakfast was 81. They would like it below 90 after fasting overnight before I eat anything, so far so good there. I just finished eating breakfast and will be taking my first after meal reading in about an hour.

Not gonna lie, I am concerned the original number of 148 was so high. It really surprised me. I remember that my youngest sister had gestational diabetes when she was pregnant and we were all surprised. The funny thing is, if I did have it, they would put me on a diet that consisted of me eating pretty much the way I currently eat anyway to keep my levels low. I am just hoping that I get better readings in the next week and I am not diagnosed with it. We shall see.

We have officially decided on a name for the baby! It wasn't easy for us either. We couldn't agree on anything. We both really love this name and it felt right to both of us, so it has stuck and now we refer to her by her name more often then "the baby". We have been calling her by her name to the munchkin too, and she is starting to as well. It's all so exciting!


Anna said...

Did you talk with your doctor about not doing the test at all? Apparently it is very common in the natural birth world (even hospital births) to refuse the test. It sounds like you are in the midst of it now though so it might be to late.
I love those pictures! I cannot wait to meet the little lady. Is it the same name as a few weeks ago? If so, I absolutely love it :)

Susannah said...

I love the pictures!! It's very common for women who had gestational diabetes have it again, especially with a girl. However, your eating is clean, so that should help. It's not bad at all if you do have it! Email me the name please! And your address!

Laura said...

I am not taking the test at all, but I have to do this as an alternative. They are not making drink the sugar drink and go through all of that, so this is what I have to do instead. I was just glad they were willing to work with me and to go this alternative route instead of trying to make me take it. And yes, it is the same name still :)

Laura said...

I never had it the first time and I am not worried about having it this time really. That number yesterday morning just really threw me off. I think it will be okay though :) I will email you the name Susannah :)

Anonymous said...

Just curious why you dont share the names of your children on here? Are you a russian spy.

Laura said...

There are alot of bloggers that don't share the kids names on their blogs. I just like to keep it private :)

Anonymous said...

Look here Miss Russian Spy,
I keep forgetting to tell you that you looked AWESOME the last time I saw you. I was expecting Fatty McFatterson and you looked amazing. Further proof that that test was jacked. XOXO

LWLH said...

Love both the pics.
You gals look amazing

Laura said...

Thanks G, you always know just what to say ;) Hahahaha! And just so everyone knows, I am not a russian spy. I realize you may all be suspicious under the circumstances, but I assure you it's just not true.