Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Visit to see Santa and Getting Ready for Christmas!

Wednesday night, my sister Amy and her family joined us for a trip to see Santa!  I actually wasn't going to take the Munchkin to see Santa this year at first.  I figured she was too young to even care.  We talk about Santa and everything coming up, but it's not like she really is that interested in him yet.  Plus I absolutely hate the mall at christmas time.  I try not to step foot in it at all any time after Thanksgiving.  But then, Joe's brother told us about their trip to see Santa at Bass Pro and how nice it was.  Alot less people and much more low key.  Plus it was totally free, picture and all and they let you take pictures with your own camera!  Yay!!

As soon as we walked into the store and over to the North Pole area, the girls were in awe. We all kinda were actually.  Everything was so pretty.  There were tons of decorations everywhere and they even had blue lights all over the ceiling to make it feel like we were at the North Pole (well sorta).  As cool as all the lighting was, it made things a bit tricky for taking pictures.

Jeremy, Q, The Munchkin and Joe waiting in line to see Santa!
They had all sorts of games and things for the kids to do.  There was a skee ball game, a shooting range game and big train set up.  They also had lots of picnic tables set up through out the store with craft projects for the kids to do.

Me and the Munchkin getting ready to see Santa.

This was the top of the little house Santa was sitting infront of.

A kind stranger offered to take a pic of all of us.

The ceiling was really cool looking.
We had no idea how the girls were going to react to us putting them on Santa's lap.  We kinda anticipated them freaking out a little bit.  The loved him though!  As we got closer to him in line they kept reaching out to him and calling his name.  It was pretty funny.

The Munchkin sitting with Santa.

The Munchkin and Q with Santa

Here she must be telling Santa what she wants for Christmas.
 They had a really nice carousel there too.  The girls loved it!

Joe and the Munchkin

Amy and Q

I'm so glad we ended up taking her this year after all.  She had so much fun.  I am glad we had another option other then the mall as well.

Amy, Jeremy and Q came by my house right before we left to see Santa.  We had been trying for a couple of weeks to get a decent family photo of us for our Christmas card and we weren't having any luck.  So I set up the camera on the tripod and asked her to snap a few shots for us.  She kept telling us that our feet were getting cut off... we thought she meant from the sides so we kept bringing our legs in closer.  Really she meant from the bottom, and I guess she didn't realize all she had to do was tilt the camera down.  We were in a huge hurry, so we just needed to get through it.  Anyway, we ended up with a decent one, but Joe's positioning is super awkward.  I also wish we had been more infront of the tree with less of my desk in the background. 

I know I am being way too picky and no one gives a crap but me.  

We took the pic Wednesday night.  I needed the Christmas cards done and printed on Thursday so I could stuff the envelopes and address them all Thursday night, then mail them out today.  I tried ordering them from an online place that I could pick them up in an hour, but I didn't like any of the templates.  I wanted to crop off Joe's leg and the desk somehow in the background but leave the tree.... so I ended up having to design something for that, even though I had absolutely zero time to do it.  I am not inlove with it, but under the circumstances, I am at peace with it.   I printed them off at my work and they went in the mail today.  Finally done with that... Yay!!

And the real ones do not say "the Munchkin", by the way.

This weekend, I hope to wrap all of the presents and finish up any last minute shopping.  I still have so much to do.  I have to make cookies, figure out what dishes I am making for Christmas Eve at my uncle's and Christmas day at my parents and then get all of the supplies for that, plus all of the other things I don't want to bore you with.  I can't believe christmas is only 9 days away!  So excited!!

Does anyone else get so silly about their Christmas cards or am I just a wierdo?


Lil' Woman said...

Wow their decoration are great, I didn't know Bass Pro did that.

I love your family pic!! The card looks good the way you designed it. :)

Susannah said...

I am the same way about cards! It's just the perfectionist in us! They are super cute and yay for Bass Pro!

Anonymous said...

I AM in love with your card but maybe it's because your sexy face is in it. ;) I didn't notice that Joe looked awkward but once I read that and re-looked at it I LOL'ed. Hahaha. Anyway. It turned out super cute.

Also, I am sosososo glad that you told me about the carousel at Bass Pro because we went to the mall last night, and didn't have time to ride the carousel there. I told L that we'd go back this week but now...yay! We can see Santa AND go on a carousel without having to traipse through the mall again! Hooooooray!