Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Have You Been Considering a Water Filtration System?

I have been looking into getting a new water filtration system for our kitchen sink.  We gave up the water bottles a while back.  Not only to save some bottles from ending up in the land fill, but we are trying to get away from as much plastic as possible.  In the meantime, we have been relying on the filter on our refrigerator until we figured something else out.

There are several different types of filtration systems out there.  I wanted one that removed as many chemicals and heavy metals as possible, but also leaving the natural minerals that make water important for drinking.  For example, a reverse osmosis system removes pretty much anything harmful, but it also removes everything beneficial, like calcium and magnesium.  Unless you add them back in yourself, it just doesn't seem like the best option to me.

I have been researching them for a while and had settled on one that I really liked.  Here's an excerpt from their site:

"The winner of Health Magazine's "Healthiest Product" award for 2010, this water filter uses Aquasana's unique selective filtration process: a combination of carbon filtration, ion-exchange and sub-micron filtration to produce clean, healthy water. Our drinking water filter products install in minutes and are certified to NSF standards 42 & 53 to reduce sediment, chlorine, lead, herbicides, pesticides, cysts, VOCs, SOCs, THMs and bad taste & odor. Our unique filter also leaves in healthy minerals for optimum hydration. Since Aquasana filter cartridges last 6 months or 500 gallons, you're getting the healthiest water and the best value."


I was also wanting a system that removes flouride, but without getting something like reverse osmosis, i wasn't having much luck finding something that would remove it all.  The Aquasana system removes anywhere from 40-60% of the flouride in the water.  What I do like, is that it removes all of the chemically added flouride, and only leaves the naturally occurring flouride.  That's definitely something.

I found several comparison charts on other websites that helped me to decide as well, along with reviews from other bloggers.  Here are some of the sites that I found to be the most helpful in my decision.







I also love that it has a lifetime warranty offer and a no questions asked, 60 day money back guarantee.

So anyway, I have been wanting to take the plunge and order the system for some time, but with the upfront cost of $125, I have been waiting.  Today, though I saw that they are running a special in July.  If you order their system and sign up for their filters for life you get 50% off plus free shipping.  They will ship you the new replacement filters every 6  months automatically (which you need to do anyway and costs only $48 when you autoship) and you get a complete lifetime warranty on the system as well.  You can also cancel the auto shipping at any time, as there is no contract.  This brings the water filtration system down to about $63!  That is a really good deal (Amazon currently sells the system for $99). You also get a free glass water bottle thrown in.  So yeah, I ordered it right away.

This deal also extends to their other filtration systems.

I will give my full review on how much I actually like it after I have used it for a while.  I wanted to share with everyone the special though, since it's only through July, incase anyone else had been considering getting a water filtration system as well.

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