Thursday, July 15, 2010

All the cousins together!

We had our family all over last Sunday for a bbq. Both of my sister came and brought their girls. We had some good photo opps.

Here is some of the family hanging out in the living room.

Starting in the back, from left to right... my grandmother, my mom, my sister Erin, my sister Amy, then me. Down front are our babies! Girls, girls and more girls!

Here is the munchkin with her younger cousin Q. They are about 6 weeks apart. My friend Gina over at Namaste By Day, bought her this cute little dress while I was preggo.

They threw all of the toys out of the boxes and climbed inside.

I took this pic that same morning. She looked so cute "reading" her books.


Brittany Ann said...

She looks so much like you now! I know you said she reminded you of your hubs, but in that last one, I see a lot of you!

Gina said...

I need to come get a munchkin fix soon!

Maggie May said...

oh my goodness she is so big and so sweet faced!