Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day (Minus the Labor)

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Labor Day!

I have to admit... mine is not going so well. I am trying to stay positive, I know that 3 days past my due date is nothing out of the ordinary. Most woman deliver after their due date. I keep telling myself she will come when she's ready... try to take this time to relax and enjoy being off work... blah blah blah. And I am trying, I really am, but the extreme discomfort I have been feeling is making things alot harder for me.

When I roll over in bed, or spread my legs apart to exit the car, I literally feel like my pelvis is splitting in half. I will feel a large popping and then the pain will shoot through my pelvic area like I am being stabbed. Its beyond uncomfortable. Sometimes, especially at night when I am trying to roll from one side to the other, it will even make me cry out in pain.

I am huge! My belly is absolutely ginormous at this point. I had no idea that I could ever be this big. I bump it into everything. I have to sit so far away from the table when I am eating, I end up wearing half of my meal on my boobs or my belly.

I have also felt a decrease in fetal movement. I have called and talked to the doctor and after doing kick counts, have been assured there is nothing to worry about, but considering how much she moved around before, this isn't something I am used to having to think about at all. It makes me nervous and frustrated.

I am tired and exhausted and done with being pregnant. I am trying really hard to keep on that smiley face and stay upbeat and positive, but with each passing day it becomes more and more difficult. It is starting to really weigh on me, not just physically, but emotionally as well.

I am not looking forward to the work week starting back up again for my husband tomorrow. Atleast with the weekend and today being a holiday, he is home with me and is a big help in keeping my mind of things and staying positive. I have a feeling being home all day by myself is going to make things a little harder.

I have been trying some of the old wive's tales and ofcourse nothing has been working. Not that I really thought anything would, but I figure it can't hurt and it gives me something to do. I have been eating spicy stuff, and pineapple and walking, walking, walking. I can't really walk any more now, due to the pelvic pain and pressure I have been feeling, but until that became too bad, I was walking quite a bit. Everyone keeps saying that we need to have sex, but thats just not an option at this point, although we did give it a try.

The one thing that would most likely work, taking Castor oil, is just not something I feel comfortable doing. I may change my mind later, but I guess I'm just not quite desperate enough yet. The idea of possibly spending several hours peeing out of my ass and puking at the same time is enough to deter me for the moment.

She will come when she is good and ready. And this time is fleeting and will soon be a distant memory. I tell myself all of this and I know that it is true. But it doesn't make the way I feel right now any less intense. I am also hormonal and emotional and everything is amplified due to this as well. I am scheduled to be induced on the 14th if nothing happens before then. I would rather not be medically induced, as this makes a natural birth with no epidural so much more difficult due to the increased strength and intensity of the contractions (through everything, an epidural is not something I am completely dismissing, I am just going to really try to go without). I really want things to move along naturally and I am hoping to not have to continue feeling like this for another week.

Here are some pictures Joe took of me today. We are getting ready to go for some sushi with our friends Toni and Dan. Getting some sushi and hanging out with them has put me in better spirits. Maybe some spicy rolls will get things going...

I know many of you have been through this and have felt the same way. So if you would all do me a huge favor and send some prayers/wishes out there into the universe that I go into labor very very very soon... I would really really appreciate it!


Sus said...

Oh, bless your belly! I know how it feels! Sending prayers, prayers, prayers, and good wishes for her to come on so you can have your natural labor! Come on baby girl!!!

Seraphina said...

Oh you poor dear - I know how stressful this is, but trust me, not only is it worth it, but I think it happens so when you DO have the baby it's just that much more exciting!! Here's hoping those spicy rolls get things movin' along... :)

Anrazel said...

I sent you a message earlier. I have been thinking of you all day and hoping she will come very, very soon. I think I have said that the week I went past my due date was the worst week of my life. I did have my mom in town with me, which helped. I am off on Wednesday and would be happy to come and hang out with you if she is not here yet. I'll call you!
Hang in there can't be positive all the time, and let's face it...this sucks! The good news is that you won't be pregnant forever, even though it seriously feels like it!

Brittany Ann said...

Oh, I was just thinking of you tonight and figured I'd sign on and see nothing on your blog and I'd know, just know, that meant you were in labor.

This is officially the only time I signed on and was disappointed to see you in my Reader:(

I've not been there, but I feel for you, friend. I feel for you and your poor pelvis.

Here's hoping that baby decides to come out soon very soon (as in right now, little lady!)

(Odd Note: I just realized my face has contorted into my stern teacher face/expression I do with my students, as I'm typing this, as if I'm trying to communicate through my facial emotions, to your baby, that our patience is thin and that she needs to get this done. Well, if it works, I'll keep my face like this all night...Come on, baby!)

Gina said...

I'm with Brittany...I am sending strict teacher vibes Miss A's way. Because evidently all the sweet supportive talk is doing a whole lot of nothing for that stubborn little thing. As soon as we are completely healthy, I'll come over...but I am sure she'll be here by then. The good news is that you still look great! And for the record, I was induced, but never felt like my contractions were that horrible. If you can stand the pain you are in now, contractions may not be as awful for you. Hey, it worked for me!

Maggie May said...

Hey sugar if you haven't started labor already, try nipple stimulation. That's what got both mine going. I actuallyused a breast pump with Lola's...on both boobs, for about 20 minutes, and that did it.

Thinking of you!

Lyr said...

Ahh… I feel ya!!! Don’t worry, you are almost there!!! Can’t wait to finally meet your little one! ;)

CAKE. by Sarah Jane said...

Oh my gosh, I totally feel you on the pelvic pain. Mine was so bad and then even worse after she was born. It was always popping and grinding and acting weird and I was terrified that it was permanently messed up for life. It finally healed and went away on it's own, but for about 6 months after I was really worried.
Did they say anything about "stripping your membranes" at your doctor appointment? It's a natural way to induce labor. She just places her gloved finger through the cervix and sweeps the amniotic membranes free of their attachment to the lower part of the uterine cavity. This process releases hormone-like substances called prostaglandins, which help to ready your body for labor. I kept refusing the idea of be induced and insisting on Ada coming on her own. I was fast approaching the deadline date for the longest they would allow me to go and at that doctor appointment, they suggested this to me and I agreed. That night I went into labor. It came on fast and heavy and didn't drag on at all. I progressed quickly and was fully dilated and ready to push in less than 5 hours. Previous to all that I had had no signs or changes or any feelings in 3 weeks.

CAKE. by Sarah Jane said...

I forgot to say how cute your pics are! I have to say you don't look miserable at all!