Friday, October 8, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Friday night after I picked up the munchkin from Stacy's house, we all headed up to the Pumpkin Patch near our house. I had never been to this one before, but Stacy saw an ad for it in the local coupon mailer and thought we should check it out. What a great idea! It was so cute and there was hardly anyone there so we had plenty of room to have fun and explore.

Here was are just arriving at the Pumpkin Patch,
waiting for Stacy, her hubs Allen and Grayson.

They had a whole bunch of sugar free jellies and apple butter. And no fake sugar crap either... just sweetened with grape juice. We bought a blackberry and an apple butter. And they are delicious! I can't help it... I get excited about silly things like that...

The weather was perfect. It was a little warm out, but there was lots of shade
and airflow every where we went, so it was great.

I was loving all the little painted pumpkins.

What is up with those wrinkly warty pumpkins anyway?

Is it just me, or is this guy checking out my rack?

Aren't they cute? I just love these two together... they are adorable!

This is near the entrance to the hay maze. Joe had to stay behind,
I could barely squeeze through myself... especially holding the munchkin.

After the maze, they had a petting zoo area. The little baby animals were so cute.

Grayson feeding hay to the baby goats.

They had little tractors for the kids to ride on.
The pink one was a little big for the munchkin, but it was so cute.

This one was more her size.

I think her favorite part of all was the corn boxes.
Both of the kids loved playing in these.

I want to get one of these at home! It was so much better then a sandbox!

Swinging on the giant tire swings.

I really tried, but this is as close as I could get to having her pose by some pumpkins.

Joe taking the munchkin down the giant slide with him.

Here we are waiting for the tractor "train" ride to start.

She got a kick out of it!

She really did seem to have a good time. I can't believe how big she is getting and how much fun she has been having exploring the world around her.

So I really did upload these Friday night and start on this... I just didn't have a chance to finish until this morning. This has been a very long and crazy weekend. Saturday was an all day, all night bachelorette party. I am going to upload those pics tonight and tell you all about it. Let's just say I have never seen so much puke in my entire life.

I was so tired and miserable on Sunday that Joe took me out for some "retail therapy" and bought me two pairs of shoes! I sure do love that man.... he knew just what I needed!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!


Anonymous said...

How cute! Your little pumpkin with pumpkins, lol!

Sounds like we both had bachelor and bachelorette party madness going on this weekend!

Jillian said...

Okay so I know which one this is:) But I have a question, did it cost to get in? Because I took some kids there once a field trip and I remember paying!

Gina said...

Love this post! We went to that patch last year and loved it (L and I rode the train together too) but this year we are trying a different one. I'll let you know if we like it.

Now hurry up with that bachelorette party sounds juicy and you know I love juicy stories! :) :) :)

Lil' Woman said...

What a fun time...I love the cornbox too, what a cute idea instead of sand.