Monday, November 16, 2009

Cloth Diapering

We have been trying out the Gdiapers. She looks so cute in them! I put them on her last week and due to recent events we have gone back to disposables for now (more info to come in my next post). I was using the gcloth inserts that are made to go in them, but she leaked through every one. I was so frustrated. I wasn't sure if she didn't have enough chub yet to get a good seal or if I wasn't putting them on her right. My friend Anna made me cloth inserts for her medium size gpants, but they actually fit in the small sized ones as well. I decided to try them out and they worked great! We are still getting used to how to put them on her right, but for the most part everything was staying inside them atleast. Anyway, here is the little munchkin modeling her puffy bum.

Below is the cloth diapering pail that I ordered to help me clean the poo off of her diapers without splashing yuck around the bathroom. It came with everything you need to spray off the diapers and hang them to dry before throwing them in the bag of dirty diapers. The sprayer hooks up to the toilet and the water pressure is crazy. I just hang the diaper inside the pail and everything gets sprayed right off. There's a plug at the bottom of the pail that drains everything right into the toilet. It originally came with little hooks, but our cloth inserts can't really hang from hooks, so Joe swapped them out for little alligator clips that he attached to the inside. I just clip the cloth inserts right in them and spray away. I then leave it there to dry. I am going to have him add two more clips later so I can have 4 hanging in there at once, or if I want to spray off the plastic liner and leave it hang there too.

The pail definitely makes things alot easier. Cloth diapering definitely has a learning curve, so hopefully once things are settled back down again, we can start using them again full time.


Maggie May said...

awwww wook at herums sweet face!!!!! she reduces me to baby talk!

Gina said...

I have got to get over there to see her again soon. Everytime I see a pic of her it makes me giggle at how cute she is!

Anrazel said...

Yay for gdiapers!

Brittany Ann said...

I am convinced I want to do cloth diapers, and that pail is a definite must. I didn't know they made those!

She gets cuter by the day!

Little T said...

Holy toilet contraption!